The elements of art are kinda’ a big in deal in my art teacher opinion.  The elements of art are basics of making and talking about art.  Use these elements of art posters and huge bundle of other elements of art resources to get started ASAP!

Why teach the elements of art….

Art is supposed to be creative, and loose, and all about what your own artistic vision, right? Well….yes, and no. 

If you’ve read my art lessons you know I am huge proponent of teaching kids about the idea of artistic license at a very young age.  They are the artists.  They get to decide what their artwork looks like.  Most kids enjoy working with a framework of a project and will loosely follow along.  A few kids will always do their own thing and that’s okay too.  I view my job as an art teacher to introduce concepts and provide opportunities for those concepts to be put into action.  Those opportunities won’t have identical results for every kid.  

That’s what art is all about!

The elements of art as a framework…

If art is personal and unique to each student then where do these seven seemingly rigid elements fit in?

The seven elements of art allow a basic framework for an artist of any age to know how to talk about their own work and the work of other artists.  Vocabulary is learned that will make talking about art less daunting and more approachable.  That’s a win!  

Learning certain techniques and ideas behind why artists do what they do will allow kids to be successful in their own artwork.  Being able to execute an artistic vision feels good and will encourage kids to keep making!

printable elements of art posters for classroom use

Elements of art posters…

These full color printable elements of art posters are perfect to print in 8.5 x 11 size and use as part of a resource notebook or sketchbook.  Use the larger PDF to print out 18 x 24 poster size prints for a demo or classroom reference.

You’ll get one full page printable for each element plus one with all the elements combined.

printable elements of art worksheets for kids

Element of art notebook printables…..

These one page element of art printables make introducing these art concepts easy.  One page per element, definitions and places to experiment are all provided.  These make a great introduction to each element and are a easy addition to an art sketchbook or notebook.  These seven pages are all black and white for economical printing.

printable elements of art worksheets for kids

Extra element of art resources….

Using words over and over cements them in your brain.  Seems like fun, but the learning is there.

Also included is a two part foldable printable.  The elements names on the outside of the folded paper open to reveal definitions of the elements inside.  Kids can match the elements to the correct definitions and then have room to show some examples of their own!

And for those times when you need to be able to check to see just what your kiddos retained there’s the multiple choice test. (Answer sheet included for super easy grading.)

printable elements of art books for kids

Plus… three printable art books….

These three books are printed in black and white and each page takes only half a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper for economical printing.  Explore the elements of art in general or get more specific with the line and color books.  These books are an easy and fun way to reinforce concepts learned or to introduce new concepts. 

elements of art Google Slides activities

Elements of art Google Slides activities…

Get nine element of art activities in the form of interactive Google Slides. These are a great way to share information with students you can’t be with!

Get all of these elements of art resources to share with your students for just $23

Want even more printable resources for your students? Check out the matching Principles Illustrated bundle!

printable principles of design posters


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