This interactive Google Slides activity is a fun and easy way to assess your students knowledge of the elements of art.

Elements of art Google Slides activity…

The elements of art are basics.  Introducing these seven concepts to your students early will arm them with some basic building blocks for both talking and making art!

This Google slides art activity is a fun and interactive way for your students to review their knowledge of the elements of art.  During this time of uncertainty I know many educators are looking for ways to connect with their students digitally. While nothing beats hands on art experiences I know many of us are searching for activities that are accessible for kids who are at home, with little to supplies available.  I think this interactive digital art activity fits the bill!

interactive art activity for Google slides

Friendly prompts make this Google Slides activity self checking…

Kids will be asked to choose the correct definition for each of the seven elements of art.  If their answer is correct they will be prompted to move on to the next question. If their answer is not correct they will be taken back to the question to reread the choices and try again!

Explore the elements of art further…

Kitchen Table Classroom has lots of printable activities as well as projects that emphasize the elements of art. Take a look at some of these hands on activities to reinforce the elements of art concepts!

There are dozens on my sire- these are just a few of my current favorites.  I encourage you to enter the element of art you’re interested in into the search bar check out allll the possibilities!

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Grab paint, colored pencils, or even crayons and check out these free color mixing charts and explore making new and beautiful colors!

This free printable book is all about the element of line! All you need is a pencil or a fine black marker!

friendly prompts to help your students move through this Google Slide art activity

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Google Slides activity to explore the elements of art with elementary students

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