printable Chinese dragon masks to color

These printable Chinese dragon masks are a fun way to explore the role that dragons play in the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

What makes a dragon Chinese…

Chinese dragons are viewed differently than the dragons of the Western world.  They’re not the fire breathing dangerous dragons of our movies.  Chinese dragons are seen as lucky and good. Dragons are even one of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs.

Chinese dragons even differ visually from Western interpretations of dragons.  Chinese dragons tend to be longer and more snake like than their dinosaur like Western counterparts.

Dragons are an important part of the Chinese New Year celebration.  The dragon dance was traditionally done to scare away evil spirits and bring good luck to those watching.  Dancers hold a dragon costume above them on poles.  They dance through the streets making the dragon move and dance.

Add some color to your Chinese dragon mask….

These dragon masks are a simple color and go activity.  If masks will be worn print them on card stock.  This card stock is my favorite– we use it for all kinds of projects.  It’s sturdier than standard copy weight paper and will make your dragon masks stronger and able to be worn without crumpling!

Add color with any medium you choose. Crayons, washable markers, watercolors- anything will work!  The spaces within the dragon could also be a great place to try some color mixing with old fashioned tempera paint. I love making the rule that student’s can only use colors that they have mixed.  No colors straight from the jar!

printable Chinese dragon masks

Making your dragon mask three dimensional…

These Chinese dragon masks are sized for easy printing on standard 8.5 x 11 paper.  To make them three dimensional start by cutting out the dragon shape.

If your mask will actually be worn cut out the interior eye shape so the wearer of the mask can see out!  If the masks will be display pieces only that step is optional.  Use an X-Acto blade, and adult assistance, to cut that circle out.

Next, use a hole punch to create a hole on either side of the eye.  Loop a narrow piece of ribbon through each hole and knot.  When your student is ready to wear the mask simply tie the two pieces behind the head.

 Chinese dragon masks to print and color

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printable Chinese dragon masks to color

More Chinese New Year’s Eve celebration…

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printable Chinese dragon masks to color

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