Choose from four different heart shaped paper sun glass templates to add a little creativity and fun to any celebration!

Heart shaped sunglasses template….

These four different heart glasses print in economical black and white.  I suggest printing these templates on card stock if you’ve got it handy.  It’s weight will allow the glasses to hold their shape when worn!

Encourage your kiddos to add color now, before cutting the heart sun glass shape out.  It’s easier to color when you’re not going on and off a cut edge.  Basic washable markers or crayons are easy ways to add color to these sunglasses but encourage your kiddos to think outside the box here.  Sequins, feathers, found images, tissue paper, and pom poms are just a few ideas! Anything they add to their heart glasses will just make them more their own!

black and white paper heart shaped sunglasses to color

Making the heart shaped glasses into glasses….

Once the sun glasses template has been colored and cut out it’s time to pop those babies into the sun glass shape.   Heat up a hot glue gun.  (I like this one because it operates at low temps which means it is more kid friendly.)  Even young kids can use a glue gun with just a little supervision. If no glue gun is available, or you’re uncomfortable with the idea of hot glue,  plain white school glue will absolutely work. Just keep in mind there will just be a drying time required.

Bend each arm back at a ninety degree angle. Use hot glue to attach a Popsicle/craft stick to the inside of each arm.  Adding the craft stick gives some extra stability to the arm of the heart glasses. The craft sticks will rest right on your kiddos ears!

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heart shaped paper sunglasses for kids to color with markers

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four free printable heart shaped glasses templates to print and color

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