Make your own up-cycled sock pumpkin with this fun up-cycled craft that’s perfect for fall!

What you’ll need to make a sock pumpkin…

  • You’ll need one sock per two pumpkins. (You can use both the toe and the shaft of each sock- double duty!) This is a great place to use up that pile of mismatched socks. Of course you could go buy some pumpkin-y orange socks too and that would work perfectly, but I like using up what we have laying around!
  • You’ll need a needle, thread, and scissors as well as some stronger, thicker yarn.
  • A glue gun is handy for attaching a “stem” but school glue will also work if you’re patient.
  • Stems can be made of twigs, pipe cleaners, paper, oven baked clay or whatever strike’s your artist’s fancy
  • If you love the color of your sock use as is, otherwise you’ll need acrylic paint in a pumpkin-y color
Up-cycle socks into these adorable soft pumpkin sculptures for a perfect fall craft!

Cutting your socks to make a pumpkin sculpture….

I started this project thinking that it would be possible to get only one pumpkin from each sock. But for most socks it will be possible to get two pumpkins! Why not get the most out of them, right?

Start from the cuff of the sock, measure down to just above the heel, and cut as straight as possible through both layers.

If you choose to also use the the of the sock cut off the heel and discard. Keep the toe for next steps!

Up-cycle socks into these adorable soft pumpkin sculptures for a perfect fall craft!

Get out your needle and thread….

Starting with the top of the sock, cinch together one open end of the sock. Use a needle and thread to sew this opening closed. Layer at least two rounds of stitches for a little extra strength.

Turn the sock inside and out so that the raw edges are inside the pumpkin sculpture.

I’m sure there is a way to cinch these raw edges with fabric glue but I haven’t tried that yet!

Up-cycle socks into these adorable soft pumpkin sculptures for a perfect fall craft!

Stuff your soft pumpkin sculpture…..

Did you notice that there was no polyester stuffing on the supply list for these pumpkin sculptures? While purchased stuffing is a perfectly acceptable choice there is really no need for it.

We stuffed our pumpkins with the leftover bit and pieces of socks. These pumpkin sculptures will sit better if there is a little weight in the bottom of them. We used some leftover aquarium gravel to make a nice heavy, flat bottom, and then added the sock stuffing on top. This step is optional.

Closing your pumpkin sculpture….

Turn the loose edges at the top under. Use a needle and thread to run a few stitches across the top and hold the pumpkin top closed.

Pumpkins stay as is or your artists can create the “ribs” of the pumpkin by tightly wrapping yarn around the soft sculpture. Tie at the top or bottom and cut off any excess.

Up-cycle socks into these adorable soft pumpkin sculptures for a perfect fall craft!

Adding color to your sock pumpkin….

If you started with a perfectly colored pumpkin you may want to skip this step. If your up-cycled socks are less than perfect you’ll want to add some color with acrylic paint.

Most fabrics will accept straight acrylic paint well. Water down the paint if application is difficult.

When paint is dry plug in that hot glue gun and let it heat while you prepare a stem and/or leaves for your pumpkin sculpture.

These could be made from real twigs, rolled paper, pipe cleaners, or anything that inspires!

More pumpkin arts and crafts….

These up-cycled sock pumpkin sculptures are a great way to use those lonely socks up!

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