Make these easy pumpkin sculptures with just toilet paper and water!

Supplies to make your own three dimensional pumpkin….

The supply list for this adorable little fall craft couldn’t be any easier! You’ll need only toilet paper and water for the pumpkin sculpture itself.

If you’d like to add color you’ll also need watercolor paints, water, and a soft brush!

Make your own three dimensional pumpkin sculpture using just toilet paper and water.

Sculptures are three dimensional….

This pumpkin sculptures are so easy. They come together in a matter of minutes and are perfect for the youngest of hands to create.

These three dimensional pumpkin sculptures are a great time to talk about the element of form. Forms have depth, width, and height. They are three dimensional.

Check out this free one page printable perfect for introducing the element of form.

How to make a pumpkin sculpture….

These easy little pumpkin sculptures use just toilet paper with water to help the paper hold its shape. Start with a single length of toilet paper, about three to four feet long.

Add a small amount of water. This will be easier to control if adding from a bowl or a cup as opposed to straight from a faucet.

Form the toilet paper into a round form by softly squeezing it together. Squeezing too hard will result in a very small pumpkin, or require more toilet paper. A light touch is best!

Experiment with different shapes and sizes stems and leaves. These should not be made of a second, separate piece of toilet paper but rather shaped right from the same piece as the body of the pumpkin.

These pumpkins can be made in any size. A bigger form will, of course, require more toilet paper so we kept ours on the small side!

Add color to these easy pumpkin sculptures with watercolor paints.

Drying your pumpkin sculptures….

Place your pumpkin sculptures aside to dry. How long this takes depends on the amount of water they’re retaining, the size, and the humidity level of the air.

Set them in a well ventilated area. Lots of sunshine will help the toilet paper sculptures dry quickly as well!

If you’re in a classroom setting making the sculptures one week and painting them the next will work nicely.

Adding color to your pumpkin sculptures….

Despite the fact that these little sculptures are made of just water and toilet paper they will accept color in the from of watercolor paint beautifully.

Wait till sculptures are fully dry. Then use a soft brush, watercolor paint, and plenty of clean water to spread color across the surface.

Experiment with blending and layering different colors for a vibrant, realistic look.

Displaying your pumpkin sculpture…

These little pumpkin sculptures look adorable on fall table or windowsill. Just remember that they are not sealed so they will need to stay dry!

These easy pumpkin sculptures can be made with just water and toilet paper. Add color with watercolor paints!

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