These pumpkin monoprints for kids are the perfect easy printmaking experience for fall!

Supplies to make pumpkin monoprints….

All you need is paint, a smooth surface, paper, and q-tips!

  • Paint- any tempera or acrylic paint will do.
  • A smooth surface- we used a silicone baking pan. You could also use a metal baking sheet, piece of plexi glass, a silicone craft mat, or a even a piece of cardboard covered in foil. (See this post for more details on this!)
  • Paper- any lightweight paper will do.
  • Q-tips- absorbent q-tips are perfect for removing paint to create the monoprint.
Supplies for pumpkin monoprints are just as simple as the process- just paint, a smooth surface, and Q tips.

Prep for making pumpkin monoprints…

Begin by cutting circles, ovals, or organic pumpkin shapes out of paper. We used black because I like the more muted effect and the dark eyes and mouth. If you want a more vibrant look try using white or other light colored paper.

This is a quick process. Students will want to make more than one. Cut as many pumpkin shapes as you have time to make!

Make pumpkin monoprints as part of your creative Halloween celebration!

Making orange for pumpkin prints….

Of course you could start by giving each child a small amount of orange paint to cover their smooth surface of choice with. But then they’d miss the fun of seeing the red and yellow mix together to make orange!

Dispense a very small amount of yellow and red paint. Let kids mix it together with a paint brush or even fingers until they make a beautiful shade of orange.

Make sure to start with a very small amount of paint. Too much paint will make for a very messy print.

Pumpkin monoprints are a fun and easy way to make your own jack'o lantern.

Printing your pumpkins….

Use a Q-tip to draw a jack o’lantern face into the paint. The swab will wipe away the paint in the areas of the print in which the paper will show through.

If you want to try something that creates less waste than disposable Q-tips I recommend you check out this set of plastic clay tools. I used a similar tool on my silicone baking mat and it worked so well to scrape the paint away.

Lay a cut circle of paper face down on the orange paint that has been drawn on. Lightly press all over with fingertips or the back of a spoon. Peel the print off the paint and set aside to dry.

Display your pumpkin monoprints….

These printed jack o’lantern faces look adorable as is or they can be embellished with their own paper stems, vines, and leaves.

Pumpkin monoprints are a fun and easy fall printmaking experience!

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