Use these books about amazing women in art history and free coloring pages inspired by great women artists to inspire and teach!

Book about amazing women artists….

Can we all just put our hands together with a round of applause for these books that celebrate the accomplishments of women in art?  These books touch on the accomplishments of women in art from ancient history clear up to modern artists.

Your young people are sure to find inspiration in these amazing women!

Women Artists A to Z by Melanie LaBarge

Books about women trailblazers….

The books below are bit different in that they aren’t specifically about women artists.  Rather these books celebrate the accomplishments of women in many different fields.

I included them in this list because they also contain info about lots of great artists. And they give some great context for what was happening in the world at any given time.

Coloring pages inspired by great women artists…

Coloring inside these lines doesn’t give your kiddos the chance to make their own original artwork.  But it does allow them to become familiar with the artwork of important women artists and that’s a big deal!  Allow your kids to make their own mark on these pages and then give them the chance for some open ended exploration as well. These pages could be a fun place to start the study of any of these women.  Then move on and explore the subject matter, style, and/or media of any artist.

These pages are inspired by the art of Mary Cassatt, Frida Kahlo, Bridget, Riley, Mary Blair, and Georgia O’Keefe.

For a free printable artist study and booklist on Mary Cassatt see this post!

For a free printable artist study and more great info on Georgia O’Keefe see this post!

Click here for a complete art history unit and tons of great digital resources on Frida Kahlo.

coloring sheets for kids about great women artists

Do you want five free coloring pages inspired by your favorite women artists….

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kids books about great women in history

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