Follow along with this free lesson as you and your students learn the basics of isometric drawing. Isometric paper in three different grid sizes is included so you can start drawing right away!

What is isometric drawing…

Isometric drawing is a way to present three dimensional objects on a two dimensional surface. In an isometric drawing you see three sides of an object equally. It’s as if object is tilted forward on the front corner.

Isometric drawing is different than drawing in one or two point perspective because isometric drawings lack a vanishing point.

What distinguishes an isometric drawing from any other drawing is the use of angles. The axes of isometric grid paper are drawn so that the horizontal axes are drawn at 30 degree angles. It’s as if the vertical axes stay in the traditional vertical spot while the horizontal axes have been shifted thirty degree.

To put it simply, vertical lines stay vertical. Horizontal lines get shifted thirty degrees. In isometric drawing there are no horizontal lines!

What is isometric paper….

Isometric paper is simply the paper with an isometric grid ready for you to draw on. While you and your students can always draw your own isometric grid this free printable isometric paper means you can start drawing today!

Graphing your own isometric paper may be a worth wile exercise for older students but your younger students can experience the concept without the frustration!

What is the purpose of isometric drawing….

Teaching your kids how to draw three dimensional forms on isometric paper is just one more tool you can give them to help them understand the concept of form and persepctive.

Isometric drawings are often used by engineers and can be seen in technical illustrations, instructional manuals, and more.

Learn how to create an isometric drawing with this step by step drawing lesson.

How to draw a cube in an isometric fashion….

STEP 1- Draw two parallel lines. These lines must be the same length. They are the side of the cube.

STEP 2- Connect the top of one vertical line to the top of the other vertical line. Do the same to the bottom of the vertical lines. This will create a parallelogram.

STEP 3- Give your cube some depth. Decide which way your form will be oriented. On the side that you want to look like is receding back into space draw a line that starts at a corner and is the depth of your form. Draw a line that same length on the three sides of your form near the top and sides. (The bottom most corner does not need this.)

STEP 4- Draw a line connecting back of the top and the side of the form. Your cube is complete.

Do you want to draw an isometric form together? Follow along with the video above!

Create your own isometric drawing with free isometric grid paper!

Putting isometric drawing into action….

In addition to learning a ton of vocabulary isometric drawing skills can be used to draw you own instructional manuals, convey useful scientific information, or create your own still life drawings.

Do you want printable isometric paper to make it easy to start your own isometric drawings?

I made three different versions of isometric paper for you to use in your home or classroom. The smaller isometric grids are great for older student and more detailed drawings. The larger isometric grids are perfect for younger students or beginners!

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