These how to draw a bird step by step tutorials will walk your kids through learning how to draw six different birds including bluebirds, toucans, ostrich, flamingo, penguins, and a peacock.

How to draw a bird for kids….

Learning how to draw a bird is easy with these printable step by step instructions. Your kids will grow in confidence as they follow along with these easy steps.

While these tutorials are for learning to draw six different types of birds I know your kids will be able to use what they learned about different bird’s body shapes to draw all kinds of birds!

learn how to draw a bluebird, how to draw a toucan, how to draw an ostrich and more with these printable how to draw a bird guides

How to draw a bluebird….

Learn how to draw a bluebird with this free printable page. Learning to draw a bluebird will also help to learn how to draw other small birds with compact bodies like sparrows, finches, and more.

How to draw a toucan…

When your student learns to draw a toucan they can use that same body shape and posture to learn to draw other larger birds like parrots!

How to draw an ostrich…

Learning how to draw an ostrich is easy with these six simple steps.

Learn how to draw a flamingo, how to draw a penguin, how to draw a peacock and more with these how to draw a bird tutorials

How to draw a flamingo…

Learning how to draw a flamingo is broken down into a series of simple curved and straight lines.

How to draw a penguin…

This basic how to draw a penguin drawing tutorial is easy to adapt to all different types of penguins. Add details to give your penguin a little personality.

How to draw a peacock…

Peacocks are such a beautiful animal to draw, with so many options for adding patten and color if you choose! This how to draw a peacock page is a great place to start!

Get the how to draw birds for kids pages here….

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Learn how to draw a bird step by step with these easy step by step printable drawing tutorials.

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