Change up your art supply list to include aluminum foil with this colorful foil art for kids idea!

Supply list for making foil line art….

  • Cardbaord- lightweight boxes, like cereal boxes, are perfect for deconstructing and cutting up
  • Glue for lines- school glue or hot glue
  • Glue stick
  • Aluminum foil- heavy duty
  • Permanent markers in assorted colors
  • Pencil
Glue lines on cardboard create the beginning of this foil art project for kids.

Draw a design for your foil art….

Draw a design directly on cardboard. Or, choose to freehand a more organic design. These designs are a great place to focus on the element of line. Check out this free line printable as the perfect addition to this foil art lesson!

The choice of subject matter here is wide open. Any subject will work. I suggest doing two different version of this foil art. First, an organic design full of curvy lines. This will allow your students to get a feel for how the glue leaves the bottle and the need to keep the glue bottle moving along! That simpler, more organic design will give kids a better feel for the simplicity that is required in terms of another, future design.

When glue lines are dry use a glue stick to cover the surface of the cardboard, including glue lines. Spray adhesive would also work well here but needs to be supervised by an adult and done in a well ventilated area.

Adding a layer of foil over glue lines is the first step of this foil art for kids.

Adding foil….

While the glue is still sticky lay a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil on top. Make sure it is large enough to fold all edges to the back.

Beginning in the center use a soft finger or a q-tip to gently push the foil down around the glue lines. Be slow and cautious with this step so as not to rip the foil. If it does tear just add another bit if glue under the torn area and smooth back down!

Foil and glue create a the perfect canvas for adding color with permanent markers!

Adding color to your foil art…..

Now for the fun part! Adding color with permanent markers on top of the aluminum foil is pure joy. The foil is smooth and slippers and the marker goes on brilliant and so bright.

It’s even possible to layer and blend different colors of permanent markers. Color all parts of your aluminum foil art except for the raised glue lines. This allows them to continue to stand out!

Permanent markers create bold color in this aluminum foil line art project.

More art making with aluminum foil…..

Changing up art materials creates an entirely new experience for your little maker! Check out these projects that feature aluminum foil as a star player!

Use foil and glue to create a unique exploration of the element of line!

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