Finger paint art is an old stand by art activity for young kids. Check out these ten finger painting ideas to make this an even more engaging and fun exploration!

Supplies for finger paint art….

Finger painting is kind of a quintessential art experience for little artists. It’s such a great sensory experience. All that squishy paint, cold between the fingers, and the slippery, shiny paper.

All you really need is some quality finger paint. I like these tubes of finger paint as they’re washable, non toxic, and nice bright colors.

Finger paint paper is not necessary but it is a really fun addition to any finger painting experience. Finger paint paper is heavier than drawing paper and it has a shiny surface that makes finger paint really slip and and slide around! It’s also generally larger than the standard 9 x 12 paper, which allows your kiddos to use those large motor skills pushing paint around the larger space. It’s worth it!

How to let your kids try finger painting if you’re mess averse….

Letting small children smear paint around may sound like a nightmare to you if you’re a person that can’t stand a mess. I encourage you not to let the potential for a little messiness to deter you from at trying finger paint!

Throw on an old, oversized t shirt and make sure the underneath layer of clothes isn’t a prized outfit either! There’s no reason to have to worry about clothes!

Lay down some old papers on your table or use one of these reusable silicone mess mat. (This one is made for pets but the soft silicone lip is perfect for containing a mess!)

Creative finger painting ideas make it easy to add some new fun to your finger painting art.

Traditional finger painting art…

Just allowing your child to use their hands to apply paint to paper is an exciting experience. If your kiddos have never gotten that chance this isn’t a step to skip over.

Let them enjoy using their fingers to move the paint while talking about how it feels, looks, and maybe even smells.

Talk about why or why not your choice of paint ca or cannot be tasted.

Ask what textures they see?

Do they see any new colors being made?

Can they predict what new colors they can make?

Use these creative finger painting ideas to breath new life into your finger painting art.

10 unique finger painting ideas….

Finger painting, by definition, means painting with one’s fingers. But I encourage you to go a step beyond that. These fun add ins could be an extension of the “intro to finger painting” exploration above or a separate experience.

Let your young artists choose one of the following (or all of them) to add marks to their finger paint art. Brush, drag, stamp, scratch, encourage any mark making that your kiddos want to explore!











Why finger paint with no fingers….

Some kids love finger painting. The messier the activity the more fun, right? That’s just not true for everyone. Some kids will be stricken at the idea of getting messy.

Do we simply excuse them from any messy art?

Do we force them to take part and hope they learn to love it?

Neither, because there is a better answer! Offer finger painting. Take part in it yourself and encourage your little ones to try it. Talk about your experience.

Don’t force participation. Rather, use the suggestions above as an alternative way to participate. Let them use objects of their choosing to manipulate the paint.

Today may not be the day your little artist dives right in, but with time they may! Either way they have had a positive creative experience that you can keep building on!

Unique finger painting ideas- use scrapers, sponges, stamps, kitchen tools, sponges, glitter, bubble wrap, lego blocks and more

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