This printable emotions face is a great way to help your little people explore big emotions!  Explore a little social emotional learning and craftiness at the same time!

Big emotions, little people….

Emotions are running high at my house lately. Big feelings that can be hard to identify and deal with can be especially challenging for little people! As I write this we’re in the midst of a viral inspired worldwide panic.  We’re home together, which should feel lovely.  But, because it is forced, feels a bit more like being trapped than being at home normally would.   My kid’s reactions, to everything, have been bigger and more unpredictable. There’s been plenty of overreactions and temper tantrums that are a throwback to the toddler years.  Life just feel like a lot right now.

The emotions face….

This printable is a face with feelings, lots of feelings! It prints in black and white so kids can add their own colors, real or wild and crazy.

Use the features as loose parts to allow your kiddo to move the features to show different emotions.  Or grab a glue stick and attach features for a more permanent expression. Talk about what your child is making or even grab a journal and write about it.

When feelings get big making things can help!

Printable emotions face for kid's social emotional learning

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Printable emotions face for kid's social emotional learning

Learning about emotions through children’s books….

Kid’s books are such a low pressure way to approach any learning. Big emotions and feelings are no different!  These books will allow you to explore the idea of feelings and maybe even start an important conversation!

Book about social emotional learning for kids
Printable emotions face for kid's social emotional learning

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