Use patterned paper or up-cycled artwork to create this beautiful multi-layered colorful circle flower craft!

Materials for making these circle flowers…

-You’ll need paper. This could come in the form of constructions paper, old art work, magazine pages, or even wrapping paper. How much variety you include is up to you but I suggest at least a few options for your students!

-Glue- white school glue or a glue stick



-Compass or a variety of circle shapes to trace

Have fun creating new textured paper  or up-cycle old artwork to create these easy circle flowers.

Choosing paper for your circle flowers…..

We had fun creating a variety of colorful textured paper just for these circle flowers. This set of textured paintbrushes is a super simple way to create big easy textures that cover a paper in minutes.

If you don’t have a set like this set out a variety of objects to create textures like a fork, homemade scraper like this one, sponge, bath puff, potato masher, or lego bricks. You get the idea- almost anything can be used to create a texture.

Other alternative are scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, magazine pages, or old artwork that’s ready for a new life!

Explore the cutting circles with this fun circle flower craft.

Creating the circle flowers….

Use a compass to create a variety of sizes of circles out of the patterned paper. If no compass is available grab a few circle shaped items to trace around. Look for rolls of tape, plastic bowls, lids, etc.

Cut circles out and stack up in descending order, with biggest on the bottom. Don’t glue anything yet.

Encourage your kids to play around with and vary the number of circles included in each flower. While some flowers have just one or two layers another flower may include3-4 layers.

Cut flower petals from these easy circle flowers.

Creating petals on each circle flower….

Use a pair of scissors to cut slits all around the outside of the circle. Don’t cut all the way to the center in order to keep the paper all together.

Make a second pass around each circle. This time cut a second cut near each line cut in the first pass. Cut out a small triangle of each cut to create individual flower petals.

Cut easy circle flowers from colorful paper. Stack them up for this easy paper flower craft.

Assemble the circle flowers….

Use a glue stick or a dab of white glue to fix the center of the flowers together.

Glue one or more paper flowers onto a larger background. Use smaller circle flowers to create a special notecard.

For more paper flowers check out these paper flowers made from up-cycled magazine pages and these gorgeous coffee filter flowers.

These easy circle flowers are a great way to up-cycle past artwork!

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