This pretty lace doily bunting gets all its pretty detail from paper doilies and a colorful watercolor wash!

Supply list for making a doily bunting….

-doilies, these can be found year round in the cake decorating department

-watercolor paints

-Soft paintbrush


-glue stick or hot glue

Watercolor paints add a splash of color to these doilies before they become part of a lacy doily bunting.

Add color with watercolor paint…

Unless your bunting will be viewed from both sides only half of each doily will need to be painted. Fold each doily in half making sure there is scrap paper behind it!

Encourage your young artists to experiment with different techniques of applying the watercolor paint to the doily. Click here to see nine different watercolor techniques for your kids to try!

Set doilies aside to dry. After they are completely dry it may necessary to fold them in half and let them sit under a book or weight of some kind. The watercolor paint caused our doilies to get a bit wavy and wrinkly!

Make your own lacy bunting from paper doilies.

Creating your doily bunting….

Choose the string or twine you’ll be using for your bunting. Measure out how long the bunting will be plus an extra foot or so on each side. Open up a painted doily, colorful side down.

Use a glue gun or a glue stick to apply adhesive to one half of the doily.

Fold the doily back in half sandwiching the yarn or string on the flat edge of the bunting. Imagine the rounded, lacy edges of the doilies hang downward.

Colorful painted doilies become a DIY paper bunting.

More doily crafts for kids…

Use up the rest of your doily stash with these hand stenciled treat bags or colorful crowns made from doilies!

This doily bunting gets a bright shot of color from watercolor paints.

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