Learn how to draw a four leaf clover in just a few easy steps with this free printable drawing prompt and step by step video tutorial!

Drawing supplies…

Drawing is such a great practice because the supplies are SO minimal and it can be done anywhere!  In the following examples I use a black permanent Sharpie marker and washable Crayola markers.

If you only have a pencil, use that!  Drawing is easy to adapt to any materials you have handy!

free printable about how to draw a four leaf clover

How to draw a four leaf clover…

The steps for this four leaf clover drawing are so simple.  The really fun part is, even if your student follow the sames steps each time they draw a four leaf clover, each one will turn out a little differently.  Encourage your students to embrace the uniqueness of each of their artworks.  Even following a set of steps their own style will shine through!

  • Draw a vertical line.
  • Draw a horizontal line that crosses the first line at a 90 degree angle.
  • Draw a heart shape around one portion of a line.
  • Continue to draw a heart shape around each of the four lines, with the points all meeting in the center.
  • Add a stem.

Do you want to draw with me…

Follow along with me in the video tutorial above and we can draw together!

step by step instructions for how to draw a four leaf clover

Grab the free printable four leaf clover drawing tutorial…

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how to draw a four leaf clover drawing tutorial

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