Explore pattern and balance with this Christmas tree Zentangle drawing lesson!

Materials for the Christmas tree zentangle drawing lesson…..

The supply list for this zentangle drawing lesson is so simple- which is exactly what the holiday season calls for in my opinion!

Here’s what you need….

Celebrate the season with this zentangle drawing lesson featuring a Christmas tree!

Draw a simple Christmas tree shape….

Draw a Christmas tree shape that fills up most of a white 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. This shape can be as bold and simple as you want. The zentangle portion of this Christmas drawing lesson will add plenty of detail later!

I used a ruler and pencil to determine the shape of my Christmas tree and then traced it with black permanent marker.

What is Zentangle….

The Zentangle style of drawing has a few special characteristics. Zentangles are a collection of patterns, also called tangles, created on a square tile. They are abstract, with no recognizable subject matter, and no correct orientation. They can be viewed from any direction. Zentangle drawings are traditionally created in only black and white.

Our Christmas trees are loosely inspired by zentangle art although we will break some “rules” like using color instead of just black and white!

Celebrate the season with this zentangle drawing lesson featuring a Christmas tree!

Dividing up the Christmas tree shape….

Traditional Zentangles are done on small square tiles of paper. We’re bending the “rules” here by fitting the “tangles” or patterns within the tree shape.

Draw a series of lines that cross the tree shape in different directions. Each section will have it’s own pattern.

There is no need to be careful about where these dividing lines stop and start. Run them from one edge of the tree right off the other side. We’ll be cutting the tree shapes out so any extra will be cut off!

Spaces within the tree can be little or big. I like to shoot for a variety of different sizes to accommodate patterns of different sizes!

Traditional zentangle is black and white. Leave your Christmas tree zentangle like this or add color later!

Adding Zentangle patterns to your Christmas tree….

Each section of the tree shape will feature a distinct pattern. Patterns can be drawn with a fine tip black marker or pen. There’s no reason to draw in pencil first- dive right in with marker!

Encourage your kiddos to use a variety of line types in their Zentangle designs. Check out this one page printable that does a great job introducing different types of line!

Another element of art that would be easy to incorporate into this lesson is the element of shape. Including both organic shapes and geometric shapes within each pattern will provide a nice sense of balance.

Including elements of art like shape and line is an easy way to elevate this simple drawing lesson!

Celebrate the season with this easy Christmas tree zentangle drawing lesson for kids.

Add color to your Zentangle Christmas tree drawing….

Traditional Zentangles are done in only black and white. If you’re a rule follower these tree drawings look amazing as is but I also love a dash of vibrant color!

A swash of washable marker on top of the patterns is just enough! Choose colors that are light enough to allow those black and white patterns to still shine through!

Finishing touches for your Christmas tree drawing….

The best part of cutting these trees out after drawing is that none of the patterns have to stay within the lines. Let the patterns spill right off the edges and then cut them clean off.

Mount the cut out tree to a new clean piece of paper. I love the contrast of black but any color will work!

The supply list for this Christmas tree zentangle drawing lesson is short and sweet- just paper and markers!

Do you want to draw a zentangle Christmas tree alongside me?

Follow along with the video lesson below and we can create together!

More fun and easy ways to get creative at Christmas…..

Explore pattern and balance in this Christmas tree zentangle drawing lesson perfect for any age!

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