Zentangle Easter eggs are fun and easy way to decorate colorful Easter eggs. All you need are hard boiled eggs and permanent markers!

Supplies for Zentangle Easter eggs…

The simplicity of the supply list for these Zentangle inspired Easter eggs is part of the beauty. There’s no need to buy expensive dye kits or special supplies. Chances are you already have exactly what you need!

  • hard boiled eggs, or blown out, empty eggs shells
  • Sharpie markers- we used this set with tons of great colors
  • Napkins or paper towel

What is Zentangle…

Zentangle is traditionally just black and white, intricate doodles of pattern and line. Zentangles are never representational.

Here, we’re going to borrow some of the building blocks of Zentangle and bend the rules just a bit to decorate these Easter eggs.

Divide your egg into sections…

*Note* If you’re using hard boiled eggs they will need to be room temperature for this step. Cold eggs in a warm room sweat and sweaty eggs are impossible to draw on.

Begin by choosing a color of marker. I love the graphic quality of using only one color per egg. The focus stays on the pattern and lines drawn. But, as always, do what inspires you!

Draw a line, or series of lines around the egg. Hold the egg in a paper towel or piece of newsprint to help prevent smudging and smearing. The purpose of these lines is to divide the egg into smaller areas. Allow the line to overlap, and loop all around the egg.

Zentangle Easter eggs focus on pattern and color.

Add Zentangle patterns…

Once the egg is divided into a number of sections it’s time to start adding patterns.

This should be fun and easy. Try to include a variety of line types- curved straight, thick thin. Trace over lines multiple times to achieve a variety of line width. Consider coloring some spaces in.

Continue this until the entire egg is filled with line and pattern.

More unusual ways to decorate Easter eggs….

There are so many great ways to decorate Easter eggs that are so much more creative than just unpacking the egg dye kit and dunking the eggs in the resulting color.

How about using rubber cement glue as a “resist” to create unique patterns on brightly colored eggs!

Use tissue paper to create beautiful watercolor impressions on eggs.

Use Sharpie markers on Easter eggs to create amazing tie dye results!

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