I love coming up with unusual ways to decorate eggs! These tie dye Easter eggs are vibrant and unique and look way more sophisticated than the supply list would have you believe!

Materials to tie dye Easter eggs….

The materials list for these tie dye Easter eggs is pretty small. Some of the materials, markers & rubbing alcohol, in particular, will need to be monitored by an adult if you’re making these tie dye Easter eggs with little people.

Here’s what you’ll need…

  • eggs, either hard boiled or empty shells with eggs blown out
  • Sharpie markers in a variety of colors – I used this set
  • rubbing alcohol
  • Pipette to drip alcohol

Color your Easter eggs….

If coloring hard boiled eggs you’ll want to get them out of the fridge an hour or so before you’re ready to start coloring them. Cold eggs in a warm room sweat. And sweaty, damp eggs will not accept the marker. The color will slide around. Room temperature eggs are best.

Use Sharpies in a variety of colors to add as much color as possible to the eggs. Don’t worry about patterns or pictures. All you need to do is deposit lots of color.

Keep in mind these colors will soon be mixing and blending together. Colors opposite each on the color wheel, called complements, will create brown when mixed together. If you want colors to remain clear and bright choose analogous colors for each eggs. Analogous colors are near each other on the color wheel and will blend nicely.

brightly colored Easter eggs with Sharpie markers

Adding alcohol to create the tie dye effect…

This portion of the tie dye effect will need to be done either outside or in a well ventilated room. Through those windows open now.

Being with a small cup of rubbing alcohol and add a little to the pipette. Add one drop of rubbing alcohol at a time onto the Sharpie covered Easter egg.

The alcohol will re-liquify the color and allow it to blend and run. Slowly turn the egg, allowing the alcohol to run and move before adding another drop.

Do this step slowly as adding too much alcohol at one time will just wash most of the marker away and miss out on the amazing colors and textures.

Dry the tie Dye Easter eggs….

Set the tie dyed Easter eggs aside to dry. Thanks to the rubbing alcohol this is a quick dry process!

When dry these eggs have a bit of sheen to the surface- which I love! These are so vibrant and delicate looking. They are so much more sophisticated looking than marker!

More marker Easter eggs…

These tie dyed Easter eggs use Sharpie markers but there are lots of options that use material suitable for an artist of any age!

tie dye Easter eggs with permanent marker

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