Apply tissue paper and water to Easter eggs for some really unique colored and textured Easter eggs like you’ve never seen before!

Supplies for tissue paper Easter eggs….

  • eggs, either hard boiled or shells blown out
  • water
  • paint brush
  • bleeding tissue paper (This is art tissue, not from the gift wrap aisle.)

Bleeding tissue paper is such a fun art supply. It works on paper as well and is such a un invitation to play. Check out this post for more ways to use this tissue paper.

preparing for tissue paper Easter eggs

Getting ready to decorate Easter eggs…

The prep for these tissue paper Easter eggs is so simple. Your kids ca help with every step of this project!

Art tissue paper comes in great big sheets, with many colors folded up together. It’s easiest to apply the tissue paper to the egg in small pieces.

Separate the sheets of tissue so there are maybe 5- 6 at a time, enough to cut through comfortably. Use scissors to cut small pieces of tissue paper off. Or build some fine motor strength and tear pieces. The shape and exact size of the pieces are not important but pieces less than 2″ square will be helpful.

Applying the tissue paper….

Here is the process. One piece at a time, lay the tissue on the egg and “paint” it with clean water.

The water will make the tissue paper “stick” to the egg, at least until it dries. Continue adding one piece after another around the egg until it is covered.

Overlapping is good and small white spaces are just fine. Don’t overthink this process.

Keep in mind that the colors in the tissue paper will be blending and mixing together. Colors that are opposite on the color wheel, complements, are likely to produce neutral browns and grays. These neutral colors can be really lovely. But, if your kiddo wants the colors to remain bright and clear they should stick with somewhat analogous colors that are close together on the color wheel.

Check out this color wheel printable if you’d like to throw a bit of color theory into your Easter egg decorating!

bleeding tissue paper coming off Easter eggs

When the tissue paper dries…

The tissue paper isn’t glued down. As the water dries, which may take a few hours, the tissue paper will naturally loosen and pull away from the egg. (Don’t try to take the tissue off before it’s dry. The magic hasn’t happened yet!)

Removing the tissue paper pieces from the egg is a bit magical. Make sure to include your kiddo in this process.

The pieces of tissue that fall off the egg are all watercolor-ish and beautiful as well. You kids may just come up with an idea to use those pieces in an art work as well!

Tissue paper eggs….

While the eggs were covered in wet tissue paper the colors appeared dark, concentrated, almost jewel like.

When the tissue paper is dry and removed the colors are much lighter. The eggs still have some white space and the colors of the tissue paper have blended and moved together.

The textures and colors on these tissue paper Easter eggs are absolutely unpredictable but they’re always beautiful!

More ways to decorate Easter eggs with Kitchen Table Classroom…

tissue paper Ester eggs with blue, pink, and purple colors

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