Once you get the hang of it weaving can be a relaxing process and can make some pretty amazing finished products.  This woven bowl is no exception.  

Learning the basics of weaving….

Is your student an accomplished weaver?  If not I suggest checking out this paper weaving tutorial.  Paper is sturdier and easier to handle when your kiddo is just trying to figure out all this under over mumbo jumbo.  Paper weaving can be done in one short sitting and is a good way to get the basics down an frustration to a minimum when breaking out the yarn.

What do you need to weave a bowl…..

Yarn, any kind will work but thicker yarn will make the come together more quickly.  Yarn can be expensive to buy but I’ve found it’s also something people tend to have stored away for “someday.”  They are often willing to part with their stash if they know someone will be using it.  Ask around you might end up with enough free yarn to weave bowls for everyday of the week! 

Or make this project a green one by recycling an old t-shirt into yarn.  Check out the directions here.  It’s easy and the resulting yarn is thick enough to make it perfect for this woven basket to add up quickly.  And we all have an old t-shirt or two lying around!

Get the free woven bowl template…

You’ll need my free printable weaving template.  It’s sized to print on 11 x 17 printer paper.

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Already a Kitchen Table Classroom subscriber…

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printable template to create a woven bowl with a paper plate as a base

Getting started on your bowl weaving…

The template is 9 inches across, exactly the size of a paper plate.  The paper plate template makes a great base for your weaving because it’s slightly sturdier than regular paper.  If you wanted to use tag board or even a recycled cereal box would work well.

Print out your weaving template and trace it on whatever thick material you’ve chosen.  Paper plates work great but use what you have.  Trace the shape and cut it out.  Bend the flower petal shapes upward about 90 degrees.  They won’t stay this upright but it’s a good place to start.

create a woven bowl from a paper plate

Weaving means in and out, over and under…

To start your woven bowl you want to slide the end of your yarn into one of the slits and push it clear down toward the base of your bowl.  Leave the tail hang out and don’t worry about it for now.  It will be tucked in later.  Work around the petal shapes making sure the yarn goes under one, over the next one.  

Because the template has an odd number of petals the weaving can continue on around in the correct pattern.  If the template had an even number of petals the second row of weaving would mimic the pattern of the first row instead of being the opposite, as it should be.

Keep this in mind if you want to make your own woven bowl template instead of using the one provided above.  Having an odd number of petals to weave around is crucial.

colorful woven bowl made from yarn and a paper plate

Weaving with multiple colors…

When done with one color simply snip the yarn and let the tail hang.  Tuck in the second color and continue weaving being sure to maintain that same over, under pattern.  Keep weaving and pushing the yarn down close to the base as you work.

Continue on adding rows of color and leaving the letting the a few inches of “tail” hang out.  When the yarn has gotten as close to the top as possible stop.  Tuck the tail of the last piece into the previous rows and do the same with the the other tails.  It is easier to wait and do this at the end because the yarn is pushed down more tightly at this point.

More weaving projects for kids…

Learning to weave is a great skill for crafting, improving patterning skills, and fine motor skills.  It can be tricky to master but once your kiddos get it there is so much they can do!  After you’re done learning how to weave a bowl check out these other weaving art projects at the Kitchen Table Classroom.

Learn to weave with this introduction to paper weaving.  It will only take about fifteen minutes but it’s a great way for kids to get the idea of over/ under and alternating. (This post has a great step by step video tutorial right in the post!)

Celebrate the art of kente cloth that combines patterning, weaving, and printmaking- all on paper!

Try a seasonal weaving with this Christmas tree or Easter egg weaving.

Weave two similar paintings together for a finished product that looks way more intricate than it really is.  These will make you look twice!

And if you loved weaving a bowl with yarn I know you’ll want to try weaving a paper basket.  This sweet square basket comes with a printable template for getting started!

colorful yarn bowl made from a paper plate a free printable template

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