Learn how to make a paper basket using this printable weaving template.  This paper basket weaving is the perfect place to sharpen weaving skills as well as recycle some past artwork into something brand new!

Paper basket weaving supplies….

This project is the king of turning “nothing” into “something.”  All you need is paper, scissors, and a bit of tape.  There’s lots of wiggle room for using all different types of materials so you can absolutely use what you have!

We recycled painted papers from past art adventures for super vibrant baskets.  This is a great way to slim down that pile of old artwork that you’re not quite sure what to do with.  Give it new life by chopping it into strips and using it to make this DIY basket!

I’ve got a printable template to help you get started and give your basket some structure.  Print on card stock for a sturdy beginning to your paper basket weaving.  We used white in the pics but card stock is also available in lots of bright colors. The template is sized to print on standard 8.5 x 11 copy paper so nothing special is needed!

Learn how to make a paper basket using this free printable template. This paper basket weaving will sharpen weaving skills and is so sweet for gifting!

Getting prepped for your paper basket…. 

Cut the solid lines of your printed template and fold on the dashed lines.  Those little tabs marked “T” are an important part.  They get folded and will help the basket keep its shape while you’re just getting started.  (I tried it without and the basket was super floppy until a couple rows of weaving had been established.)  Fold the four sides of the basket up and use a tiny bit of tape to secure the tabs to the neighboring side.

Have a few strips of paper nearby.  The strips we used were between 1/3 and 1/2 thick.  They do not all have to be the same width but it is helpful if they’re straight.  I’ll admit I am not good at straight lines.  I picked up one of these inexpensive little paper cutters and it makes me happy everytime I use it.  It cuts smooth, straight lines every time.  And because it’s not the old fashioned guillotine type of paper cutter my kids can use it themselves!

If you can, cut strips from paper that’s 12 x 18.  Cut the paper longs way for 18 inch strips that will weave all the way around the basket with no splicing needed.  This longer length allows for plenty of room for overlap plus a little extra.  If shorter pieces need to be used splice them together with some tape before you begin weaving!

Learn how to make a paper basket using this free printable template. This paper basket weaving will sharpen weaving skills and is so sweet for gifting!

Let’s start weaving….

Weaving a paper basket is a little different than flat paper weaving.  Not only does your student need to understand the basic under, over patterning of weaving but they need to be able to maneuver the paper strips around the corners and understand how to continue the weaving pattern around the corners.  If your student is new to weaving I suggest spending a few minutes on this basic paper weaving tutorial!  Starting simple will alleviate a lot of frustration and make your kiddo much more successful at this paper basket weaving!

Assuming your kiddo gets the under, over patterning that weaving requires- let’s get started!  Here’s a big tip- start weaving your first paper strip in the middle of one of the four sides.  Leave a little tail and secure with tape if your child struggles with pulling the paper strip out,  Begin the over under pattern until a corner is reached.  Pinch the paper strip to give it a clean 90 degree angle and continue around the corner.  Check and make sure your student continues the pattern after going around the corner as this can be a bit tricky!

When the paper strip meets back where it started overlap a bit, cut off any extra, and secure with a bit of tape.  Don’t attempt to go on the next row using a single strip of paper as it will result in a bunchy, twisted section that’s just no fun.  Start a new strip on the second row and do the same for the third row.  Weave as many rows as you have time for.  Three seemed to be our max!

Watch the video below for a quick demo of our paper basket weaving!

Finishing your woven paper basket….

Once you have woven all the paper strips you have room for it’s time to secure them so your basket stays finished!  Fold over the portion of the strips from the white template that are on the outside of the colorful woven strips.  The remaining white strips, which are on the inside of the basket, can be snipped off so they are level with the top of the basket.  Use a couple small pieces of clear tap on the inside of each side of the paper basket to secure the folded down tabs.  You could definitely use dots of glue here too.  The tape is quick and easy and didn’t detract from the finished product at all though. Do what your student prefers!

Create a simple handle using an additional strip of paper tucked into a row of weaving and secured with tape or glue.  We used a leftover strip of the weaving paper!

Learn how to make a paper basket using this free printable template. This paper basket weaving will sharpen weaving skills and is so sweet for gifting!

Get the paper basket weaving template….

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Another DIY basket idea….

If you like this paper basket weaving I know you’ll want to check out this post!  With another free template you can turn a paper plate into the structure for weaving a bowl.  This weaving uses yarn but it would be fun to try with paper strips as well!

Learn how to make a paper basket using this free printable template. This paper basket weaving will sharpen weaving skills and is so sweet for gifting!

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