All the resources you need to get your students excited about the art of Frida kahlo

Teaching art history to kids can mean lots of digging to find the materials you want and need to help your kids make connections with great art.

NO more!  I’ve created a complete resource for teaching the iconic art of Frida Kahlo.

Two original posters for display and teaching...

Pique your kid’s interest and quickly create eye catching displays with these colorful posters!

Six full color posters...

These full color posters include images, facts, and quotes from Frida Kahlo.  These posters cover six common themes in Kahlo’s work including relationships, animals, self portraits, portraits of others, suffering, and still lives.

Three original Kahlo inspired coloring pages

Three original pages print in economical black and white and give your kiddos a chance to explore the themes of Kahlo’s work in a fun and relaxing way.

Questions for assessment

Whether you choose to discuss these questions verbally or ask for written responses these printables will help you create personalized assessments for your students-quickly!

Start teaching kahlo now- for just $15

Kahlo for kids bonus.....

Nine open ended art ideas make it easy to plan fun hands on, Kahlo inspired art activities that will keep the learning happening!