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The Principles Illustrated- Digital Resource Bundle

The Principles Illustrated is a huge bundle of digital resources to help you teach the principles of design the easy, no prep way!

You'll get eight full color Principles of design posters

Each poster will be delivered in two sizes for easy printing.  You’ll get the standard 8.5 x 11 and 18 x 24 so you can print large posters!  These are great for student notebook reference or classroom display!

This printable eight page mini book....

This printable black and white book is an easy way to introduce the principles of design to students and give them a little room to experiment!

Five additional printable resources....

Use these five additional worksheets as an easy way to reinforce vocabulary and the definitions of the principles of design and related concepts!


Nine Google Slides will introduce new concepts as well as check for understanding with their interactive nature.

Google offers a super simple way to deliver these “done for you” slides to one student or a hundred students.

The complete set of Elements & Principles Google Slides Resources sells for $ 14- with none of the printable resources above. 

You get the Principles Illustrated Google Slides as a FREE bonus when you purchase the Principles Illustrated Digital bundle!