The elements of art and principles of design are the building block of making and talking about art. These slides are done for you- there’s no need to spend your teaching time reinventing the wheel! 

The interactive nature of the slides is a great way to engage students and check for understanding.

EAsy to share....

The Google Slides format of this activity make it simple to share with students via Google Classroom.

You can instantly share with one student- or one hundred students!

Just “click” and go!

the elements of art

the principles of design

DO YOU Want the google slides PLUS Printable resources....

The bundles below contain the Google Slides shown in this bundles as well as tons of other coordinating printable resources.  

You’ll get full color posters in two sizes, mini printable books, sketchbook resources, and fun extras such as crossword puzzles, word searches and more – all to reinforce the concepts of the elements and principles!