Make easy paper rockets with these three printable straw rocket templates. These DIY rockets are ready to print, color, and play!

Materials to make your own paper rockets…

The materials needed for this fun rocket craft are blissfully simple. You’ll need these printable rocket templates. If a printer is unavailable you and your young artists can wing it and make your own. The requirements are a tubular shape that will fit over the end of a straw. The paper rocket must be closed at the top. These can be a simple or as complex as shapes as you want to make them!

You’ll also need some scissors, tape, straw, and a way to add color like crayons or markers!

Printable rocket templates for making easy paper straw rockets.

Color and assemble your paper rockets….

If you choose to use my paper rocket templates start by adding some color. Color first, then cut. It saves lots of frustration by not coloring off and on of cut edges. Once color is complete it’s time to cut the paper rockets out.

Fold each rocket in half. In order for the paper rocket to work as a straw rocket it need s to be closed on three sides. The top of the paper rocket will be folded over and won’t need to be taped. Tape each side, folding tape over and cutting off any excess.

Learn how to rocket with paper with these easy straw rockets.

Using your paper rocket…

Once your paper rocket is taped up is ready to go. Fit the open end over a straw. Blow on the opposite end of the straw to see the rocket “take off.”

These little DIY rockets really fly. They brought lots of “oohs and awwws” at our house and were lots of fun. They don’t need lots of supervision so you can set your kiddos free and go drink a cup of coffee.

These straw rocket templates print in black and white and are ready for your kids to color and play!

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Printable rocket templates for making DIY rocket from paper.

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