Clothespins and paper come together to make an easy DIY paper Christmas garland perfect for Christmas crafting at any age!

Materials to make an easy paper Christmas garland….

  • You’ll need some kind of yarn or twine on which to string your garland. Medium weight yarn is perfect for this!
  • You’ll need some old fashioned wooden clothespins.
  • Small, simple triangles of card stock or construction paper, either decorated or plain, will work perfectly to represent simple tree shapes. Or see the above post for the paper strip trees shown here.
Paper Christmas tree garland is a sweet and easy Christmas craft.

Attaching your Christmas trees to your clothespins…

The beauty of this paper garland is the clothespins. Glue your paper Christmas tree to a wooden clothespin using a glue stick or hot glue. Glue stick users will need to allow a few minutes of dry time between gluing and hanging.

Be sure that the narrow top part of the tree is at the “pinching” end of the clothespin.

Paper Christmas trees become a Christmas garland thanks to simple wooden clothespins.

Hanging your paper Christmas garland….

Measure out as much yarn as you need for the length of your garland.

Evenly space your paper Christmas trees on the yarn using the clothespins as fasteners. Because this isn’t a permanent way to attach them it’s easy to move them around until the placement is just right.

Your paper garland is ready to hang. Because it’s so lightweight it’s super easy to hang on a mantel or window this holiday season!

Clothespins are a super easy way to make this easy paper Christmas garland.

More Christmas crafts for kids to make….

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This easy DIY paper Christmas garland is a fun Christmas craft for any age!

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