Christmas can be unbearably exciting when you’re a kid.  The presents, the traditions, the food, the parties can cause a near painful amount of anticipation.  How about channeling some of that excitement in a positive way and making something?  This little printable Christmas book is the perfect answer!

Write, draw, record some awesome memories and, most importantly, connect!

Why so fast….

Kids grow up so fast.  Logically, I know this is true.  My two oldest are twelve and fourteen.  When I look at pictures from just a couple of years ago the changes are breathtaking.  I’m no longer the mom of these little boys but big kids, teenagers, that are bigger than me.  

I embrace being the mom of big kids.  I’m a better mom at this stage than I was the baby stage, no doubt.  But seeing how quickly it goes does make me wanna’ hang onto those sweet little kid memories just a tiny bit longer with my younger two.

You think you’ll remember….

You think you will remember the cute stuff they say, what they like, how they wrote.  But you won’t. Life is crazy busy and memories seem to get lost in the grocery list or the practice schedule, at least in my brain.

But when I look back at pics or notes from the past and it brings it all back, like it’s happening again.  

Write it down….

Write stuff down and encourage your kids to the same.  Make recording the awesome, the ugly, the hopeful, and the excitement part of the event itself.

Combining writing, drawing, and doodling together can take away the intimidation of making “something.”  Expose kids to all kinds of opportunities to express themselves; some open ended process art experiences and some with a bit more structure.  

Every kid responds to these opportunities differently.  The kid that dislikes free sketching may love using sketchbook prompts.    The kid that just can’t take directions may really get into learning a watercolor technique that they can then apply anyway they choose.

Keep throwing opportunities, materials, and different experiences out there because you never know what your kiddos will grab onto and love!

Want to grab the free PDF for printing this sweet Christmas book….

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The low down…

This printable book will print on 5 standard 8.5 x 11 letter size pages.  Each piece of letter size paper will hold two pages of your Christmas book.

No Special supplies are needed.  Grab some fine tip markers, maybe some metallic markers , whatever you have handy will work! Print them, cut ’em apart, and get busy.  

Presents, parties,& sweets! Let's channel some of that Christmas excitement and make something? This free printable Christmas book is the perfect answer!

I hope you can use these free printable Christmas journal pages in your home or classroom- I made them for you!!  

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