Gather a treasure trove of found natural materials to create these nature mandalas. Creating a mandala from natural materials can be done anywhere and with any age group!

Materials for creating a nature mandala…

Finding the materials to create this nature mandala is half of the fun! Creating this mandala is easy to do with literally any natural materials that are readily available to you.

I suggest going on a treasure hunt in you yard or local park. Depending on if the land you’re “hunting” on is your own or public property help your kids know what is appropriate to gather and what is off limits. We were hunting in our own yard so it was okay to pick flowers and leaves off of trees. If you’re on public land be sure to follow the rules about taking/ moving materials.

Ideas for nature mandalas

  • leaves
  • twigs
  • stones
  • sand
  • clay
  • shells
  • pinecones
  • flowers
  • nuts
  • seedpods
  • feathers
  • icicles
  • snow
Create a nature mandala from any materials you can find in your yard or nearby park!

Creating a nature mandala….

A mandala is a circular design, usually organized with parts radiating out from a central point. Most mandalas display radial symmetry which is the type of symmetry that organizes elements around a central axis. Check out this post for more info about radial symmetry and a free printable to get your kids thinking about the concept.

Mandalas hold both religious and cultural significance but our for our purposes today we will talk about the mandala purely from a design standpoint.

If you want more nature inspired art be sure to check out this collection of art projects all inspired by the natural beauty of leaves!

Create a nature mandala with this fun outdoor process art activity for kids of all ages!

Assembling your nature mandala….

Imagine your nature mandala design as a circle on the ground. I like starting at the outer edge and working from the biggest objects in those rings to the smaller objects in the inner rings of the mandala. If it helps place a rock or some other kind of marker at the center of the mandala.

Move inward layering more objects, all keeping within the original circle.

Use anything you can find in your yard to create this nature mandala!

Preserving your nature mandala….

Art made from nature can be tricky. The materials are gorgeous and readily available but don’t always come with a lot of longevity. In other words these nature mandalas are prone to wilting, blowing away, or being pounced on by pets!

The fact that these nature mandalas don’t last forever doesn’t take away from their beauty or the joy in the process of making them. If you and your kiddos would like a lasting record of their artwork I suggest taking some pictures. Encourage your young artists to play with perspective, cropping, and even editing their photos to add an entire new dimension to this nature mandala making process!

Nature mandalas are a fun process art activity that are good for any age!

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