No matter the season I’ve got some beautiful leaf art projects that will inspire you and your young artists!

Leaf art for everyone….

There is no lack of art inspiration from the natural world. Leaf art is my favorite because there is such variety and beauty in leaves of all kind. Follow along with over a dozen leaf art projects for all ages!

Watercolor leaf art…

This project is a fun take on the old fashioned leaf rubbing. Swap out a colored crayon for a white one and add in some watercolor paint- and you’ve got leaf art magic!

Mandala leaf art….

This mandala leaf drawing is a favorite because it requires a super sall supply list and covers lots of hefty art concepts.

This lesson has an available step by step video art lesson, coloring pages, and leaf mandala drawing templates!

Leaf crayon rubbing…..

This classic crayon leaf rubbing creates stunningly realistic leaf images with the most basic of supplies.

All you need is crayons, unwrapped, leaves, and paper- so easy!

crayon leaf rubbing, watercolor leaf resist, leaf mandala drawing

Rainbow leaf art….

These rainbow leaf prints use washable markers to easily create brilliant prints from any leaves. These print are so quick to make- your kids will want to make these over and over!

Primary colored leaf art…

Choose any leaf shape as a stencil and explore the mixing and overlapping of the primary colors! All you need is a permanent marker and a handful of crayons to make this leaf art!

Three dimensional leaf art….

Grab some big leaves and whip up some air dry clay to make leaf bowls. The recipe uses household items that you already have on hand. These leaf bowls make such sweet gifts!

Leaf mandala art…

Grab some fresh leaves of all shapes and sizes to create your own watercolor leaf mandala!

Botanical leaf prints….

This botanical leaf art is such a fun process. Lots of watercolor paint surrounds leaves and leaves the most stunning realistic leaf prints ever! This leaf project is great for all ages because all of the details are provided by nature!

Notan leaf art…

Notan is the Japanese art of cut paper. This art project uses leaves as a subject matter while exploring both Notan and the concepts of complementary colors!

watercolor leaf mandala, leaf prints, Notan leaf art

Chalk and glue leaves….

This project starts with a leaf drawing exploration and then uses one of those drawings as the beginning of this chalk and glue drawing technique. The glue creates a nice structure for brilliant chalk colors!

Marker leaf prints…

Grab some washable markers and a few leaves and create an easy art station. This leaf art is quick and easy and so fun to explore!

pastel leaf, marker leaf print, weaving leaf painting, and patterned leaf art

Leaf paintings weaving…

Begin with two simple leaf inspired paintings and weave them together for a finished piece of art that will make you look twice. No matter your subject these woven paintings are full of interest and depth!

Color & pattern leaf art…

This project works best with leaves that ave been pressed for a day or two. Grab your oil pastels and explore adding color and pattern using the natural leaf as inspiration!

13 easy leaf art projects for kids of all ages

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