Once you’ve learned how to dye eggs with food coloring you’ll never go back to those cheap kits!

Supplies for dying eggs with food coloring…

The great thing about coloring Easter eggs with food coloring is that you probably won’t have to buy a thing. and, the color is so vibrant and saturated- you’ll never go back!

Here’s what you’ll need to color Easter eggs with food coloring…
  • cups or mugs, one for each color
  • white vinegar
  • food coloring, liquid or gel
  • hot water
  • spoons or whisks
  • boiled eggs to color
create your own Easter egg dyes using food coloring from your pantry

Prepare the food dye for egg coloring…

Each cup will have one color of food dye to color the Easter eggs. Have as many cups as you want choices of colors!

Start by pouring about 1 cup of hot water into each cup. It doesn’t have to boiling. I just used our hottest tap water.

Add a tablespoon or so of white vinegar. This will help the colors of the dyed Easter eggs stay super vibrant!

Finally add in the food coloring. Add between 20-40 drops of food coloring. If you’re like me, and not a measurer, estimating is fine. There is no one right amount!

More food coloring = more vibrant colors.

Less food coloring = softer, more pastel colored Easter eggs.

Get super brightly colored Easter eggs using food dye to color them

Allow the Easter eggs to soak in the food coloring….

Drop your Easter eggs gently into the dye using a spoon or a whisk.

Just as there is no one right amount of dye to use there is no magic amount of time that the eggs need to soak in the dye. Leaving them longer will result in a brighter color. A shorter time in the dye bath will create a softer, less vibrant look.

When done use the spoon or whisk to remove them and set them on a paper towel or scrap paper to dry and enjoy!

dye Easter eggs with food coloring

Other ways to color Easter eggs with household materials….

Try three different methods for coloring eggs with washable markers.

Create tie dye Easter eggs with Sharpie markers.

Use rice and food coloring to create textured eggs that are a blast for kids to make!

Learn how to dye eggs with food coloring for super vibrant, colorful easter eggs.

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