These rice dyed Easter eggs use simple materials from your pantry to provide a super fun and sensory filled egg decorating experience!

Rice dyed Easter egg supplies…

The supplies for these colorful Easter eggs can be found in your kitchen pantry. here’s what you’ll need…

  • hard boiled eggs or blown out eggs
  • liquid food coloring
  • uncooked rice, about 1/2 cup per color
  • plastic baggies or containers with lids for less waste
materials to make egg dyed Easter eggs

Preparing to dye eggs with rice…

If you’re using hard boiled eggs get them out of the fridge and let them return to room temperature. Sweaty eggs are much harder to color!

Fill each bag or container with a half cup of rice. This doesn’t need to be exact. Let your kiddos help!

Then add 6-8 drops of liquid food coloring. Close the container and shake or squish the rice to evenly distribute the food coloring throughout the rice.

Shake those Easter eggs….

Once the food coloring has been distributed throughout the rice add one egg to the container. Gently shake, roll, or squish the egg. Everywhere the colored rice touches the egg will leave behind a colored mark resulting in a beautifully colored, textured egg.

Remove the egg from the bag and set aside to dry.

use bags of colored rice to dye Easter eggs

Layering colors on Easter eggs…

It can be tempting to add multiple colors of food coloring to each bag of rice to create custom colors for your egg. Instead, I suggest layering colors right on the egg!

After the first layer of color has been shaken on and has had time to dry add your egg to a second bag of colored rice and shake! This process works the best when the first color is lighter than the second color. This results in a really pretty mottled color effect.

Use rice & food coloring to make rice dyed Easter eggs

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