Explore the seven colors of the rainbow and other fun rainbow facts then learn how to draw a rainbow with crayons!

Rainbow facts for kids….

Everyone loves a rainbow! Seeing a rainbow peeking out of the sky feels like a little touch of magic bestowed upon the day!

Rainbows aren’t just magic. There’s science behind those gorgeous colors!

What makes a rainbow….

Rainbows are formed when light shines through water. This could be rain, fog, mist or dew, or even the spraying of a hose!

Each raindrop makes its own raindrop. It takes millions of raindrops to create a visible rainbow! The raindrop acts as a prism.

The seven colors of the rainbow…

Light bends as it strikes the water droplets and reflects causing the seven colors of the rainbow to be seen. Rainbows actually contain an unlimited amount of colors but the human eye registers only seven colors.

White light contains all of the colors of the rainbow. When white light hits a water droplet each wavelength of light refracts at a slightly different angle, separating the light into the seven colors of the rainbow.

The seven colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. These colors always appear in the same order. The acronym ROYGBIV is often used as an easy way to remember the seven colors of the rainbow.

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Rainbow facts for kids….

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Learn to use crayons to use the seven colors of the rainbow to draw a rainbow.

Drawing a rainbow…

A rainbow has seven colors; red, orange, yellow, green. blue and violet. To simplify things grab seven crayons in those colors. No need fancy colors like violet red or yellow green. Those colors will be created by layering the basic colors.

You’ll need white paper- any size. To prevent hand fatigue I recommend starting smaller than larger.

Although rainbows are truly circles we see them as an arc. To create a guide for you draw a half circle by tracing a roll of tape, a plate, or anything handy.

Learn to draw a rainbow with just seven crayons.

A rainbow starts with red…

A rainbow always includes the same seven colors and the colors are always in the same order. A real rainbow contains an enormous variety of colors but the human eye simplifies the rainbow into seeing seven basic colors.

Instead of drawing harsh black lines to contain each of the colors of the rainbow I like the idea of letting the colors blend seamlessly from one to the other- just like a real rainbow!

Start with a red crayon and follow along that faint pencil line. Color with some pressure to get a really vibrant arc of red color. Encourage your kids that these bands of color don’t need to be made all in one swipe. Coloring in short strokes back and forth is much easier to control.

Learn how to draw a rainbow using just crayons.

Blend arcs of color to your rainbow drawing…

The idea here is for each color of the rainbow to blend right into the next rainbow color. When you (or your students) have colored a bright band of red continue to make that band a little thicker. This time color with a lighter hand. Imagine it being about 50% as vibrant as the original red band of color.

Let’s draw a rainbow together! Watch the video below and we can draw together!

Adding more rainbow colors…

This pattern of a vibrant band of color followed by a less vibrant color will continue through all the colors of the rainbow.

After red pick up your orange crayon. Color first a less bold arc of color that overlaps the red. Coloring orange overtop of the red will help blend the two together and create a smooth transiton.

Then draw a bold band of vibrant orange, followed by another band of paler orange. Overlap a band of lightly colored yellow on top of the orange, then bold yellow, then lighter yellow.

Continue on in the same way, overlapping colors, and adding layers of color on top of each other. When all seven colors are in your rainbow drawing go back and use just those same seven colors. Fill in any white spaces and work on blending one color into the next by adding light layers of color.

More rainbow fun….

Check out these rainbow templates! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes!

I’ve compiled all my best rainbow themed arts and crafts here in one place for you- go make a rainbow!

Learn how to draw a rainbow using just crayons.

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