Choose a rainbow template to color and display from one of my five free rainbow printables.

The classic rainbow template…

Are your kids learning their colors? Maybe they’re exploring the science behind light and colors? Maybe you just have a kiddo that’s rainbow obsessed.

Choose a classic rainbow template to print and color. I drew two versions of this classic rainbow printable- both with and without clouds!

Choose from printable rainbow templates with or without clouds.

Or choose a more creative rainbow template….

In addition to the two “classic” shaped rainbow templates above I also made three additional rainbow shapes- a wave, and two mirror image arc shapes.

These shapes each contain seven stripes of color, a traditional rainbow, but they have unique shapes. These fun shapes combine to create striking rainbow possibilities!

Each rainbow template comes in black and white for you to color. This printable rainbow is a unique wave shape.

Take your printable rainbow templates to the next level….

Alone, each printable rainbow template is just that- a printable page. It’s what you do with these printable rainbows that bring some real meaning and possibilities!

Learning more about color….

Maybe your students are at the age that they’re ready to begin learning about color theory and how color relate to each other!

Check out this free ten page printable book about color theory!
Try six pages of color mixing exercises- great for learning how to make new colors!
This one page color theory printable packs tons of info into a single page!

Exploring the rainbow….

If this set of rainbow templates is just the beginning of you rainbow obsession check out this post!

I want to see over 15 rainbow inspired art projects!
This arced rainbow template comes in two different directions to allow for lots of unique rainbow designs.

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Five free printable rainbow templates come in a variety of shapes and sizes to be combined for lots of rainbow designs.

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