Introduce drawing a one point perspective to your students with these easy 1 point perspective video lessons and printable perspective resources!

What is 1 point perspective….

One point perspective is the most basic form of linear perspective. It’s a mathematical approach to representing three dimensional objects on a two dimensional surface through the use of lines that radiate from a single vanishing point on the horizon.

These printable one point perspective resources include…

  • What is 1 point perspective?
  • Where do we see 1 point perspective?
  • What is the difference between 1 point perspective and 2 point perspective?
  • 1 point perspective vocabulary
what is one point perspective, where do we see it, and how do artists use one point perspective- printable resources for students and teachers

Let’s draw a cube with 1 point perspective drawing….

Lots of kids love drawing three dimensional cubes by drawing two overlapping squares and connecting the corners. (I remember doing that obsessively as a kid. It was just SO COOL that I could make it look 3D!)

Take that skill to the next level by introducing the simplest 1 point perspective drawing.

In a video lesson I’ll show your kiddos each step to creating their own series of three dimensional cubes using one point perspective techniques. I’ve also included a ready to go printable on which your students can practice their cube drawing skills!

The video lessons in this course are all DOWNLOADABLE. That means you can save them to your own device and share them with your own students via any platform your district uses.

Learn to draw a three dimensional cube by using one point perspective- video drawing lesson and printable.

Let’s draw 3D stars using 1 point perspective…

Adding dimension to any shape is simple once your students understand the basic concepts behind 1 point perspective drawing.

Creating cubes was simple. Adding depth and dimension to the stars, a slightly more complex shape, is a great next step.

This lesson includes a ready to go printable as well as a DOWNLOADABLE video lesson for you and your students!

Learn to draw a three dimensional star by drawing in one point perspective- video drawing lesson and printable resource

Learn to draw room using simple perspective…

Step number one…

Begin with a printable “room” and follow along with a two part video lesson to learn how to add boxes, furniture, windows, and more to your room using 1 point perspective. This is a “practice” for drawing their own room from scratch!

Step number two…

Ditch the printable and I’ll use a video lesson to teach your students how to draw their own room on any paper. This 1 point perspective drawing lesson can be as simple or as complex as your student chooses.

No matter the level of detail your student chooses to include this drawing lesson is a great way to reinforce just how one point perspective is evident in art.

Practice drawing a one point perspective room  through a series of video art lessons and printable resources

Who is this drawing unit meant for…

  • upper elementary to middle school aged students
  • homes or classrooms with limited supplies- all that’s needed is a pencil and ruler
  • kids that want to learn techniques that make their drawings look “real”
  • kids learning in a classroom or at home
  • teachers that want to learn perspective drawing techniques so that they can teach their own students
Have a question about this course? Send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll do my best to answer and help you decide if this perspective drawing course is right for your kids!
Learn how to draw in 1 point perspective through video drawing lessons and a collection of printable perspective resources.
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