Make a braided bracelet from fabric scraps in just a few minutes! These are adorable and great way to up-cycle old fabric!

Choosing fabric for your braided bracelet…

The beauty of this braided bracelet is that it can be made from almost any type of fabric scrap. Printed cotton, up-cycled denim, whatever you’ve got. You’ll need three strips of fabric, different or the same. If you don’t have fabric scraps “fat quarters” like these are a great way to get coordinating fabrics in relatively small amounts!

Use sharp scissors to cut them into strips. Because these strips don’t have to be exactly uniform this is a great time to encourage your young crafters to cut the fabric. Anywhere from 1/2 inch to one inch will be easy to manage.

Remember that braiding takes up a significant amount of length. If you cut fabric strips the length you want the finished bracelet to be your finished braided bracelet will be very short. Cut strips 2-3 times in length what you’d like the finished length to be. It’s easy to cut off any extra!

You could also use this up-cycled t-shirt yarn for a super soft braided bracelet.

Up-cycle those fabric scraps into a DIY braided bracelet perfect for wearing or gifting!

Other materials you’ll need for your braided fabric bracelet….

Besides fabric scraps you’ll need a way to close your bracelet. I like using crimp ends to seal off those loose fabric ends. You can get a set like this with dozens and dozens of pieces for less than ten bucks which makes the price per bracelet super minimal.

You’ll also need a jewelry clasp to attach to the crimped ends. This set has both the crimped ends and clasps.

Other options for closure would be adding snaps, velcro, or even tying the braided bracelet on as the simplest option!

Use fabric scraps to create these DIY braided bracelets.

Starting your fabric bracelet….

Take your three strips of fabric and sandwich them between the two edges of the jewelry crimp. Use a pair of pliers to squeeze the crimp together.

If your kids are inexperienced braiders it may be helpful to take that crimp and tape it to the table. That way both hands are freed up for them to learn how to braid!

These DIY fabric bracelets are easy to make and are the sweetest gifts!

How to braid a fabric bracelet….

  • Cross the right section of fabric over the middle section, so that it becomes the new middle section.
  • Then, cross the left section of faric over the middle section, so that it becomes the new middle section.
  • Repeat these steps, crossing the right section over the middle section and then the left section over the middle section, until you have braided all the way down to the ends.
  • Once you’ve reached the ends, measure how long the bracelet should be. (Don’t forget that the jewelry clasp will make your braided bracelet slightly longer.)
  • Holding tightly, cut off the excess braid.
  • Push loose edges into second jewelry crimp and squeeze shut.
Learn how to make your own braided bracelet from up-cycled fabric scraps.

Attach jewelry closures to your braided bracelet….

The jewelry crimps will give your braided fabric bracelets a nice finished end but will not provide a way to close the bracelet. For that you’ll need to attach an “O” ring. An “O” rings is just what it sounds like. It a round shaped component that is typically used as a connector to join two ends of jewelry components, such as a clasp and a chain or a pendant.

After threading the “O” ring attach a closure of your choice to each side. This will allow the bracelet to be taken off and on easily and enjoyed for ages!

These braided bracelets are made from up-cycled fabric scraps.

I hope you loved learning how to make a braided fabric bracelet.

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