This is the perfect time to dive into a little strategic planning and prioritizing with these 12 free double page bullet journal monthly spread planning pages.

Why keep a monthly journal…

A new year, a fresh start- I love it!  There is something so exciting about the freedom and blankness of a brand new year ahead.  It feels like anything could happen! 

While my family’s day to day planning often ends up being trapped in my iPhone I do love the idea of a written record of what’s happened in life and what’s to come. Something about seeing life in written form is just super nostalgic and pleasing.  I will never, without a doubt, look back through my Apple calendar but a written journal is just different.

Enter the bullet journal monthly spread….

The thing that scares me away from scrap booking and other types of journaling is the time/ materials investment.  I know, realistically, that I’m not gonna’ get it done on a regular basis.  I do not need one more creative project that I can’t find the minutes for in my day.  

A bullet journal is a system invented by Ryder Carroll to “track the past, order the present, and design the future.”  Sounds pretty impressive right?  Sign me up for that.  The bullet journal philosophy is a lot more complex than what I’ll dive into here.  What I love about the system is that it uses super concise, simple methods to track all kinds of things about your life.  All you need is a notebook ( or these bullet journal monthly spread printables) and an ink pen.  The only other thing you need is an ink pen.  Easy.

What goes in a bullet journal monthly spread…

Planning in a monthly manner offers a big picture view that I just love.  Day to day life tends to consume us in it’s details.  Month by month planning makes it extra clear that seasons (of both life and weather) really do pass, and very quickly at that.  A bit of distance from the daily grind helps us to see the big picture and think strategically about designing a future that totally isn’t a grind.

Whether you’re planning the day , the month, or the year what you include in your bullet journal is totally up to you.  I’ve included a 2019 calendar for each month along with just a couple of dedicated areas.  Everyone has priorities.  List them and plan for them here. 

There are also two “tracking” bars.  What’s something you want to do each day?  Exercise, pray, read, create? Keep track of your progress here.  Naming a goal and seeing it writing is great motivation.

Use the unlabeled spaces to fill as life sees fit.  Your bullet journal monthly spreads are likely to evolve as the year passes.  Life changes and these bullet journal spreads offer the flexibility to change with you! 

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