This bubble art for kids is such a fun and easy outdoor art experience to put together & your kids will love it!

Materials for making bubble art…

  • plastic containers for bubbles
  • bubble solution
  • food coloring or liquid watercolor paints
  • straws
  • crafts sticks or spoons/spatulas
  • paper
Bubble solution plus food coloring makes for an easy outdoor art activity for kids!

Preparing to make bubble art…

I call this “outdoor art” but it can really be done anywhere! If you choose to make bubble art inside just throw down some newspaper or work on top of a mess mat like this!

The paint/bubble solution is so easy to prepare that your kids can do it themselves! Pour some bubble solution in a cup keeping it low enough to prevent making it top heavy.

Add some color with either liquid food coloring or liquid watercolor paints like these. There is no specific amount as it depends on the amount of bubble solution you started with. The more color you add the more vibrant your bubble art will be!

Add a straw and a craft stick, spoon, or spatula to each color of bubble solution.

Add food coloring to bubble solution and have a blast making bubble art

Practice blowing bubbles….

Create bubbles by putting one end of the straw into the solution in the cup and blowing. Depending on the age of your kids you may want to do a practice run with this using only water. Practice for a few minutes so they can get a feel for the difference between blowing out and sucking in to prevent any accidental ingestion of bubbles!

Catching bubbles on a tick and laying them on paper creates unique and colorful bubble prints

Making art with bubbles….

When bubbles have been blown it’s time to make art! Use a craft stick, spoon or spatula that has already been sitting in the bubble solution. This will make it slippery and less likely to pop the bubbles.

Scoop up a bubble (or 10) and bring them over to your paper. Touch the bubbles to the paper without touching the stick.

Bubbles will pop on the paper leaving a gorgeously unpredictable print of a bubble. If the bubble prints left behind are too faint now is the perfect time to add more color to your solution!

Continue layering more and more bubble prints onto your paper- they look so interesting when they overlap!

Make bubble art with bubble solution and food coloring- a great opportunity for making outdoor art!

Ideas for using your bubble art…

This bubble art is gorgeous on it’s own but there are lots of possibilities for incorporating these bubble prints into other projects as well:

  1. Greeting Cards: Cut the bubble print paper into smaller sizes and fold them to create unique and colorful greeting cards for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions. Kids can add their own personalized messages or drawings.
  2. Bookmarks: Cut the bubble print paper into long, narrow strips and laminate them to create vibrant bookmarks. Kids can decorate them further with ribbons, stickers, or drawings.
  3. Collages: Tear or cut the bubble print paper into different shapes and sizes to use in collages. Kids can create imaginative scenes or abstract compositions by arranging and gluing the paper onto a larger sheet or canvas.
  4. Gift Wrapping: Use the bubble art paper to wrap small gifts or create gift bags. It will give the presents a unique and artistic touch, making them even more special.
  5. Origami: Use the bubble print paper to fold origami shapes such as butterflies, flowers, or boxes. The colorful patterns will enhance the beauty of the origami creations.
  6. Scrapbooking: Cut the bubble art paper into various shapes and use it as decorative elements in scrapbooks. Kids can use them as borders, backgrounds, or embellishments for their photos and memories.
  7. Paper Crafts: Use the bubble print paper to make paper beads, paper chains, or paper flowers. These crafts can be used for jewelry, room decorations, or as a fun activity during parties or playdates.
  8. Art Journals: Cut the bubble print paper into smaller pieces and glue them into art journals. Kids can then use the colorful backgrounds as a starting point for their drawings, paintings, or creative writing.
Make bubble art with bubble solution and food coloring- a great opportunity for making outdoor art!

Are your kids fascinated by bubbles….

Check out this fun tutorial I made using washable markers to draw realistic looking bubbles!

Try this DIY bubble recipe for making giant bubbles!

Make bubble art with bubble solution and food coloring- a great opportunity for making outdoor art!

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