Introduce the playful artistry of Alexander Calder to your students with these free printable Alexander Calder for kids resources!

Who was Alexander Calder….

Alexander Calder is an American artist perfect for inspiring a love of sculpture in your kiddos. His work is colorful, playful, and full of motion!

Mobiles that blow in the wind, a circus that packs up in a suitcase, even a hand painted BMW car and a commercial airplane were all part of Calder’s huge body of work.

American artist Alexander Calder artist study for kids

Alexander Calder facts….

  • Calder’s father and grandfather were both sculptors while his mother was a professional portrait artist. They did not want Alexander to choose a career in the arts. They wanted a more dependable career.
  • Calder always had a studio space, Even as a young child he was constantly creating.
  • He went to college to become a mechanical engineer and held a number of jobs in that field.
  • The arts called to him. He returned to New York to be an artist.
  • Calder was a part of the “Art Students League” where he was assigned to cover a circus. The circus was a theme that would appear over and over in his work.
  • Cirque Calder was one of his most famous works. It was a mini circus that travelled in a suitcase.
  • Calder is well known for 3 main types of artwork
    • MOBILES- abstract kinetic sculptures designed to move freely
    • STABILES- sculptures that don’t move, usually metal
    • MONUMENTAL SCULPTURES- public works at schools, airports, etc.
  • Calder produced a huge body of work over his lifetime- in excess of 22,000 pieces!
  • Calder also created over 2,000 pieces of jewelry
Alexander Calder quote and Alexander Calder portrait to color.

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Alexander Calder for kids printable resources are an easy way to teach your kids about this great artist.

More Alexander Calder resources for kids….

There are a few very well done children’s books about Alexander Calder and his artwork. These are a relatable and easy way to introduce your kids to this great artist!

The Tate Museum offers a colorful interactive experience all about the life and work of Alexander Calder perfect for kids of all ages!

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