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School takes place in our kitchen, on the run, and out in the “real world.” Sometimes it’s magical, sometimes it’s maddening. One thing is for sure though- It changes every day.

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Thinking Outside the Box -Free Creativity Quotes for Home or Classroom

Merriam Webster defines synonyms for creativity as cleverness, imaginativeness, giftedness, inventiveness, and originality, to name a few.  Yes, that.  That’s who I wanna be.  The antonyms of creativity are dryness and dullness.  Boo.  Who would choose that?  Use these free creativity quotes to remind you and your people not to take life too seriously, take risks, and think outside the box!

Use these free creativity quotes to remind you and your people not to take life too seriously, take risks, and think outside the box!

What I love about those definitions is nowhere is creativity defined as exclusive to the arts.  Creative thinking isn’t just for “artists.” It’s a mindset that changes the way we see the world and view everyday problems. 

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Education Quotes- Free Printables to Inspire a Love of Learning

  Whether you’re a homeschool mama (like me,) or a classroom teacher (also me,) or mom that is excited to learn alongside her kids (me too, me too) I hope these education quotes can help you illustrate your love of learning!

Passing a love of reading and learning on to our four kids is a big deal to me.I hope these education quotes can help you illustrate that desire to learn!

I have always had a love of learning.  When I was young there was a note on file at our small town local library that I was allowed to check out anything I wanted, not just kid’s books as the librarian suggested.  I wanted to read it all.  Passing that love of reading and learning on to our four kids is a big deal to me.

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Books to Set the Imagination of Your Kid Inventor on Fire

Making doesn’t have to be art and it doesn’t even have to be pretty to look at.  To me “making” is about bringing something into being that didn’t previously exist.  It might be useful like a machine or delicious as in dinner.  These books about making are sure to inspire your kid inventor to make something new!

These books about making will add fuel to their imagination and provide plenty of inspiration to your kid inventor! Books for all ages and kinds of makers!

I am not a huge fan of subscription kits that come each month with a project to make inside.  This stems less from the quality of said box contents and more from the fact that four kids and one box never equals peace.   What I do love is inspiration.  These books provide just that.

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Scratch Coding: Books for Technology Impaired and the Tech Geniuses of the World

Wanna learn something?  Then find a book about it and get busy.  That’s pretty much my strategy to teach or learn anything; books.  Despite all the online tutorials and directions that are available I still love opening a book and seeing what information it holds on each page.  These Scratch coding books build a bridge between technology and literacy.  What a win, right?

Technology is no different than any other subject.  Even a tech-y subject like coding can be learned from a book.  Whaat?  You mean technology and books aren’t at war?  No ma’am.

Screen time doesn’t have to be the enemy of learning and reading.  They can go hand in hand.  These coding books are proof of that.

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Coding Books for Kids: A New Kind of Literacy

Are literacy skills and technology really enemies?  Could screens really be the death of imaginative play and creative thinking?  Technology can be a time suck, even an addiction for young, smushy brains (or forty year old brains, for that matter.)   Using some creative resources, such as these coding books, can ensure that you child stays on top of the technology curve while growing their own literacy and problem solving skills.

Using creative resources, such as these coding books, ensures that your child stays on top of the technology curve while growing their own literacy skills.

If you’ve been to the Kitchen Table Classroom before you know that books are pretty much my answer to everything.  A problem, a question, an idea; just go read about it.  I’m a researcher at heart.  Despite the amazing resources available online I still love a real book.  Books feel solid, permanent, and trustworthy.  Combining book learning with the futuristic skill of coding feels like the best of both worlds to me!

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Why a Starting Mom Blog Isn’t Just One More Thing To Do

Cook, wash, teach, taxi, host, clean up, aaaaand repeat.  That sequence sums up the rhythm of most of my days.  I’m a stay at home mom teaching our four kids at home.  I certainly do not need one more thing added to my “to-do” list, right?  So why in the world would I freak out and start a “mom blog?”

 No mom needs on more thing added to the "to-do" list, right?  So why in the world would start a "mom blog?" What's in it for you? A lot!

I spend more than a couple of hours each week crafting examples for my blog, writing posts, and creating pretty images that Pinterest will hopefully love.  My blog is the one thing on my “list” that doesn’t really have to be done.  It’s completely optional, my choice.  Why struggle??

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Year Round School- Why we Homeschool Through the Summer

When a stranger or acquaintance asks one of my kids if they are on summer break yet I can count on my kid to break out the puppy dog eyes.  They will most likely respond with a pitiful “We don’t get a summer break.  We’re homeschoolers.”  Ha.  Technically you could say we do year round school.

We do year round school at our house because it work for us. It provides some freedom to our school year and structure to our summer!

It’s true, we do not take the entire summer off.  But it’s not as rough as those little people would have you believe.  Once we get in our summer groove it’s easy stuff.  School is just a art of what they do each week, on their own time.

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Art Books to Help you Teach Art Even if You’re Not an Artist

Teaching art should be fun.  It should be easy because there is no right answer.  Sometimes I think that’s the part that trips us grown ups up.  No right answer.  How do we know when we’re done, if we did it right, if it’s good?  Check out this list of art books to help you teach art to you kiddo and maybe make some art yourself; even if you don’t consider yourself an artist!

This list of art books is for those mamas that maybe don't consider themselves artists. These art books can inspire a single lesson or an entire curriculum.

As a homeschool mom I’m responsible for teaching my kids every subject.  (I know it sounds crazy, but we love it!) For me teaching the visual arts is the icing on the cake.  In another lifetime I was an elementary art teacher and the need to “make” still runs strong in me.

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