Explore the primary colors as well as their tints and shades with this brand-new set of printables designed to introduce the three primary colors to kids in a fun and engaging way!

What are primary colors…..

Imagine that colors are like the building blocks of a beautiful rainbow. Primary colors are like the most special and essential building blocks because they cannot be made by mixing other colors together. These magical colors are the starting point for all the other colors we see around us.

Now, are you ready to meet our three amazing primary colors? They are:

  1. 🍎 Red: A bold and passionate color, just like the ripest apple!
  2. 💙 Blue: A calm and peaceful color, just like the vast ocean!
  3. 🌻 Yellow: A bright and sunny color, just like the happiest sunflower!

What Makes Primary Colors Special?

Here’s the super cool part! When two primary colors mix together, they create new colors. For example, when red and blue mix, we get purple. When blue and yellow mix, we get green. And when red and yellow mix we get orange!

These new colors we make by mixing are called “Secondary Colors.” Isn’t that amazing?

How artists use primary colors…..

Artists use primary colors as the starting point for all their masterpieces. They mix and blend them together to create all the beautiful colors you see in paintings, drawings, and even in the world around us!

You can find primary colors everywhere – in your favorite toys, clothes, and even in the flowers and trees outside. When you see these colors, you’ll know they are the special building blocks of color magic!

Using your primary colors exploration pack….

Page 1: “Discover the Primary Colors” poster– this vibrant and eye-catching full-color poster illustrates the three primary colors – red, blue, and yellow – along with their tints and shades. This poster not only teaches the primary colors but also demonstrates how they can be mixed to create a wide spectrum of shades and tints.

Page 2: “Create Your Own Primary Colors” blank printable is perfect for unleashing the the artist within! This blank canvas provides your kids with ample space to explore their creativity by painting or coloring their very own primary colors. Whether they decide to mix and experiment with different shades and tints or stick to the classic primary trio, this page encourages them to have fun while learning.

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