Washi tape is a colorful, mess free alternative for decorating Easter eggs!

Decorating Easter eggs…

Decorating Easter eggs is a tradition at our house.  It usually involves layers of towels to catch the drips and healthy hand scrubbing session afterwards.

These Washi tape eggs won’t leave you with a mess.  Washi tape is a paper tape that’s easy to cut or or for little fingers to tear. An assorted pack of Washi tape like this one will give your kiddo lots of options to choose from! And, there are lots of other crafts you’ll want to be using this Washi tape on- it’s addictive!

You’ll also need some hard boiled eggs. Or…this method of Easter egg decorating can even be used on plastic Easter eggs!

How to decorate Easter eggs with tape…

Washi tape is paper like which means it’s super easy to cut or tear. In order to not waste tape I suggest cutting off pieces of tape that are 6-8″ long.  Attach one end to the edge of the table and let your kiddos work from that! Give more as needed but that way the tape won’t get wrapped around and around!

decorate Easter eggs with colorful paper Washi tape

Using those fine motor skills….

Because this tape is so papery it’s perfect for little hands to work at cutting or tearing.  Provide scissors and encourage your little crafters to experiment snipping shapes and strips.  Encourage kids to experiment with combining different colors and patterns.

no mess Easter eggs decorated with Washi tape

More mess free ways to decorate Easter eggs…

While a creative mess doesn’t usually bother me there are times when it’s nice to keep the mess and supplies to a minimum.  These ideas don’t require egg dyes either.  So you won’t need to run to the store!

Check out this post for three ways to decorate Easter eggs with washable markers!

And if decorating real Easter eggs just isn’t in the cards for you today try these printable stand up Easter egg templates.  They’re playful and fun and can make a mantel or tabletop look like Spring is here!

colorful Easter eggs decorated with Washi tape

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