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Elements & Principles of Art, For Teachers, Printable Art Prompts February 20, 2017

Introduction to the Element of Space with Free Printable

The element of space is a pretty special one.  It’s that secret ingredient that makes art go from coloring book outlines to art that looks like you could reach out and touch it.

As kids get older they tend to get a little more hesitant to create art.  They begin to notice how their “ability” stacks up to the artist next to them.  It’s not lost on them when their artwork doesn’t look much like the teacher example hanging at the front of the room.

The element of space helps kids create realism!

Using the tips included in the printable below gives kids distinct steps to create the illusion of depth in their artwork, and thereby create some realism!  Having some tools to draw from gives kids the courage to keep making art!

The element of space is a pretty special one.  It's the secret ingredient that makes art go from outlines to realistic. Here are some ways to create depth.

Perspective is a great way to create the illusion of space!

I have to admit any kind of art that requires breaking out a ruler is not my favorite!  But this book by Liron Yanconsky may make me reconsider my dislike of teaching perspective and try it again!  Perspective Drawing for Kids: A Perspective Drawing Guide for Kids, Including Detailed Explanations & Step by Step Exercises is a great resource for both teacher and student!  This book is especially good if you don’t feel extraordinarily confident in teaching your child about perspective but think your child would enjoy this side of art.  It is something you can learn together!

While perspective is not my favorite art practice what I do love about teaching perspective is that it tends to appeal to a group of kids that maybe don’t love some of the more creative, loosey- goosey forms of art.  These tend to be the kids that veer toward the logical; the ones that would make great architects and engineers gravitate towards this type of art making.

Check out this post for another free printable and specific idea on how to teach a more detailed one point perspective!

This is a great time to talk about the idea that not all “artists” sit around painting pretty pictures for a living.  Art can be useful.  And there are MANY ways to be an artist!

How to use this element of art printable

The goal of this printable is to give kids an easy way to record some basic ideas about how to create space.  I would suggest limiting the subject matter in each “square” to something as simple as a circle.  Using only a circle they can illustrate how to overlap, how to turn a circle into a sphere with shading, etc.

Using only circles (and maybe a horizon line) in each illustration will keep this exercise short and to the point.

The element of space is a pretty special one.  It's the secret ingredient that makes art go from outlines to realistic. Here are some ways to create depth.

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I think that teaching the elements of art is the perfect place to start when teaching the elements of art!  So much so that I created a huge vereis of printable element of art resources- all free!  Check them all out here!

The element of space is a pretty special one.  It's the secret ingredient that makes art go from outlines to realistic. Here are some ways to create depth.

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