If you’re looking for a super easy way to bring out your kids’ creativity while enjoying the great outdoors, we’ve got just the thing for you: homemade spray sidewalk chalk paint recipe!

Homemade spray sidewalk chalk paint recipe….

Using ingredients you probably already have at home, this awesome recipe lets your little ones unleash their imagination and make colorful masterpieces right on the sidewalk or driveway. The best part? It won’t stain the concrete, so you can relax and let their creativity flow.

Now, you might be wondering, “Can kids really make this themselves?” Absolutely! This recipe is so simple that even the tiniest hands can handle it like a pro.

Ready to dive in? Put on your aprons, gather your supplies, and let’s get ready for a day full of vibrant, open-ended outdoor fun!

The easiest spray sidewalk chalk paint recipe ever….

You inly need three ingredients; baking soda, corn starch, food colorings, and of course, water. Instead of precise amounts I’ve provided a ratio to make it super easy to fill whatever container you may have!

*One part baking soda

*One part corn starch

*Two parts water

*Food coloring

You’ll need a spray bottle in which to mix these ingredients. We used these clear bottles. I love that they offer a wide fan shaped spray or a more direct shot of color depending on the nozzle! Up-cycled household supply bottles would also be a great option!

Combine corn starch, baking soda, and food coloring for this easy DIY paint recipe!

Here’s a explanation of the roles of each ingredient in your spray sidewalk chalk recipe:

  1. Food Coloring: Food coloring is what gives your sidewalk chalk its vibrant and eye-catching colors. It’s like the paint for your chalk! You can use different colors to make your artwork stand out and look beautiful. Just a few drops of food coloring will make your spray chalk bright and fun.
  2. Water: Water is an essential ingredient that helps to mix everything together and create a smooth consistency. It’s like the liquid part of your spray chalk mixture. Water also helps the other ingredients dissolve and spread evenly, making it easier for you to spray your colorful chalk onto the sidewalk.
  3. Corn Starch: Corn starch is like the main ingredient that gives your spray chalk its powdery texture. It helps to thicken the mixture and make it more solid, similar to the chalk you use on a chalkboard. Corn starch also helps the colors stick to the sidewalk when you spray it, so your artwork stays vibrant and visible for longer.
  4. Baking Soda: Baking soda plays an important role in your spray chalk because it helps the chalk dry faster. It acts as a drying agent, making your chalk dry more quickly so you can enjoy your colorful creations sooner. Baking soda also adds a little bit of a soft and smooth texture to your spray chalk.

By combining these ingredients, you’ll have a fun and easy-to-make spray sidewalk chalk that allows you and your kids to create amazing outdoor artwork!

Make your own spray chalk paint for kids with this easy art recipe!

Tips for making this spray paint recipe….

Here a few “been there, done that” tips to make you spray paint making go as smoothly as possible!

  • Use a small kitchen funnel to easily get ingredients into the spray bottle.
  • When all ingredients are in the spray bottle swish it around to blend before putting on spray top. This prevents the bottom of sprayer from getting clogged in the dry ingredients.
  • If sprayer gets clogged trim a quarter of an inch from spray tube to keep it from sucking up any settled ingredients.
  • Shake often as paint is being used.
  • More food coloring creates a bolder color. All colors will fade from vibrant to a more pastel color as they dry. That’s just the nature of chalk paint!

Enjoy the making process. Encourage your kiddos to take their shoes and socks off and touch the paint, walk in the paint, and really just play.

It washes off of kids and cement easily. Grab the hose when you’re done, wash off, and leave the mess outside!

This spray chalk paint recipe uses only three ingredients and is a super fun outdoor process art idea for kids!

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