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Does your child draw a blank when you place an empty piece of paper in front of them?  Banish the fear of the blank page with these free printable sketchbook prompts perfect for celebrating the spring season just around the corner!

Spring, spring… where are you? 

Here in the Midwest spring feels like a long way off but we know it’s coming.  Drawing and dreaming about spring is the best we can do for right now.  The printable sketchbook prompts are perfect for getting the creative juices flowing at the beginning of class or the early finisher at the end of class.  

They don’t require anything other than a pencil or some crayons but you could also use this marker painting technique for a no mess paint technique.   Print out one or six and get drawing.


Where to start…

Knowing where to start when making art can be hard for a kid (or a grown up) to do.  Blank pages can seem giant when they are waiting for that first mark to be made.  I want the kids I teach to know that art doesn’t have to be fancy. 

It’s okay to get ideas from a worksheet.  Maybe doodling on a preprinted sketchbook prompt will spark an idea for another project.  

Start, make something, draw something.  Make drawing a part of everyday until that blank page is not longer intimidating, but inviting!

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