Create your own designer shoes with these five free shoe coloring pages!

Do your kids love shoes….

My four kiddos definitely have some opinions about which shoes are cool and which are not.  Unfortunately cool often equals expensive. These shoe coloring pages allow your kids to start with some trendy shoe designs and make them their own- for free.

I like leaving items like these shoe coloring pages laying around the kitchen table. Sometimes simply stewing things around that might pique my kids interests attracts them faster than anything else I’ve tried.

Add in a basket of washable markers, crayons, or colored pencils and set your kiddos free!

Additional challenges….

These shoe coloring pages would be a great place to explore some different themes.

-Experiment with color schemes such as analogous, complements, primary, or secondary.

-Use the spaces within the shoes to experiment with zentangles.

-Use these coloring pages as inspiration to paint on real shoes!

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