Wanna learn something?  Then find a book about it and get busy.  That’s pretty much my strategy to teach or learn anything; books.  Despite all the online tutorials and directions that are available I still love opening a book and seeing what information it holds on each page.  These Scratch programming coding books build a bridge between technology and literacy.  What a win, right?

Why does technology always get out to be the bad guy….

Technology is no different than any other subject.  Even a tech-y subject like coding can be learned from a book.  Whaaat?  You mean technology and books aren’t at war?  No ma’am.

Screen time doesn’t have to be the enemy of learning and reading.  They can go hand in hand.  These coding books are proof of that.

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Technology with a purpose…

I have never identified with people that just love technology.  I just don’t.  Until I got the weird idea to start a blog and fling my craziness about art and learning out onto the world wide web I had no use for it at all.  If it was up to me we would probably still have a nineteen inch tube t.v. in our living room.  Today technology has a purpose and is a little more enticing.  It’s purely a means to an end for me; but I’m learning to enjoy it.

I want my kids to have the opportunity to learn about coding and all the amazing possibilities that come with it.  I really believe learning to think like a coder is the beginning of a set of skills on which they could build a career someday.  For now, though, these coding books look like all fun and games.

Fun and games…

Learning that appears to be fun and games is straight up awesome.  I’m a homeschool mom to my four kids.  I want my kids passions and interests to be the driving force in their education.  Learning things that excite their brain makes them want to learn and wholly invests them in the process.

Learning coding is an easy buy in.  The Scratch programming language literally looks like a game.

Are you a tech expert…

You don’t have to be an expert.  Isn’t that a relief?

Scratch is a coding language developed by MIT that was created for beginners.  Full access is absolutely free!

You can teach yourself anything.  (That’s our homeschool motto!)

Scratch coding books….

Scratch coding is the programming we’ve started with at our house.  It’s really  self explanatory and there are SO many great books about it out there.  Many of these books are written to kids.  That means they can open the book and work their way though directions and projects one step at a time; mostly on their own. (Click here to see my post about general coding books.  It is a great place to start if you’re not yet sure what programming language is your thing!

Use these Scratch coding books to teach kids basic coding skills. Scratch is a free online coding program perfect for introducing kids to coding technology.

You don’t need all of these coding books.  (Can you say overwhelm?)  Pick one or two and work your way through it!

Scratch Programming Playground: Learn to Program by Making Cool Games

DK Workbooks: Scratch Challenge Workbook     

DK Workbooks: Coding in Scratch: Games Workbook

Coding Games in Scratch

DK Workbooks: Coding in Scratch: Projects Workbook

Scratch For Kids For Dummies

DK Workbooks: Coding with Scratch Workbook

Scratch For Kids For Dummies

Code Your Own Games!: 20 Games to Create with Scratch

Coding Projects in Scratch

Learn to Program with Scratch: A Visual Introduction to Programming with Games, Art, Science, and Math

The Official ScratchJr Book: Help Your Kids Learn to Code

Scratch Coding Cards: Creative Coding Activities for Kids

Coding for Beginners Using Scratch

How to Code in 10 Easy Lessons: Learn how to design and code your very own computer game

More coding books to come….

If learning about coding is something that really interests your kids there are so many great resources to help them keep learning.  While the resources in this post are all  Scratch programming books this post is a great place to start learning about the Python coding language.    If learning to program coding is all new to your family then you might enjoy this post with resources about all different types of coding.

Use these Scratch coding books to teach kids basic coding skills. Scratch is a free online coding program perfect for introducing kids to coding technology.

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