Are you pretty much a computer genius?  Nah, me neither, at all.  The awesome thing about the books in this list is that they put the world of computer coding in reach of all of us.  This list specifically features the best coding books that  teach Python programming for kids.

What is the Python programming language…..

The Python programming language is a freely available programming language that’s been around since the 90’s. 

There are a couple of appealing things about this Python coding language.  The first is the somewhat threatening name.  An element of danger makes the whole thing instantly more appealing to some random eleven year olds; just guessing. 

Secondly, Python is free coding software available for anyone to use.  Win.

What is coding….

At its simplest coding is a set of directions that tell your computer what to do.  Coding is responsible for apps, websites, video games, pretty much all the stuff we think our kids spend too much time on.

Even if you never anticipate your child having a career in the tech field learning to think like a coder has definite advantages.  Writing code is essentially telling a computer step by step by step instructions.  Every detail must be included, and in the correct order.  Thinking that logically, and sequentially, is a skill that goes beyond programming code and has multitude of real world applications.

These are the best coding books to teach Python programming for kids. Give your kids the advantage of knowing coding with the free coding program Python.

Technology does not need to be the enemy to creativity. 

I said it.  Let’s embrace the crazy possibilities that technology holds for our kids instead of whimpering that it’s ruining them.

Turning a negative into a positive…

What if we stopped complaining about how much time our kids spend passively playing games or scrolling websites?  What if kids were able to become an active participant in the technology process?  That’s what learning to code can do.  Python programming for kids, or any coding program, can turn kids into an active player in the technology game.

Thinking like a coder allows them not just to play video games but to make their own video game.  Isn’t that a little more exciting? Suddenly your kid seems a little less couch potato-y and little more genius-y.

Me, teach coding…

Prior to declaring myself a blogger I had little use for technology beyond Facebook and Pinterest.  I am, by no means, qualified as an expert on anything that plugs in,  requires wifi, or an SD card.  You get the idea.  This tech stuff does not come naturally to me.

It doesn’t matter.  That’s the beauty of teaching Python programming for kids using this list of the best coding books..  These books  are written straight to your child.  You can learn beside your child; a favorite thing to my homeschool mama heart.  Or you can literally turn the book and the screen over to your child.  They will at once be improving their literacy skills,  learning a whole new language, and thinking creatively and actively.

The best coding books to teach Python programming for kids….

This particular list features the best coding books that teach Python programming for kids. 

DK Workbooks: Computer Coding

Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming

Learn to Program with Minecraft: Transform Your World with the Power of Python

Teach Your Kids to Code: A Parent-Friendly Guide to Python Programming

Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python

Doing Math with Python: Use Programming to Explore Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, and More!

Coding Projects in Python

How to Code 2.0: Pushing Your Skills Further with Python: Learn how to code with Python and Pygame in 10 Easy Lessons

Coder Cole: Python: An Introduction to Programming  

Python Projects for Kids

How to Code Level 3: A Step by Step Guide to Computer Coding

Just pick one coding book and start.  Don’t get overwhelmed deciding.  This is literally an investment free opportunity for your kids to jump into the future!

If your kids really love this coding business check out these resources for teaching the free online Scratch language and these best coding books for all kinds of programming languages! 

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