Use this printable person template as a stand alone craft or as inspiration for figure drawing!

Make your own jointed paper doll….

These printable person templates print on a single piece of paper. They’re ready for your artists to color (or not) and assemble.

Once assembled they’re perfect to use for illustrating movement, proportion, or as a an activity on it’s own.

This printable paper jointed doll prints on a single piece of paper and comes together with brads for a moveable, pose-able person template.

What do you need to make your jointed doll?

First you’ll need the person template, which can be found below. You’ll need scissors and a way to add color if you choose- think markers or crayons.

Most importantly you’ll need brads and a paper punch to assemble your jointed doll. We used an extra small paper punch like this one. The paper brads will attach the pieces of your jointed doll and allow them to move freely. These paper brads are small and colorful and would be perfect for assembling this jointed model.

Use this person template as is or add color before creating your jointed paper doll.

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This jointed paper art mannequin is ready for you to print and assemble.

Assembling your jointed doll…

Here are a few tips that will make assembling your person template easy as can be!

  • Add color before cutting out pieces.
  • Cut out one piece at a time and use hole punch on marked dots.
  • Lay down in the order they were cut, in a “person” shape. This will make it easier to keep track of which piece is which.
  • Starting from either the top or the bottom overlap two pieces at a time. Insert paper brad through both holes, opening in the back. This allows the doll’s joints to move freely.

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This person template creates an easy paper art mannequin that's yours to print and use in your home or classroom!

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