These printable paper doll templates print in black and white and are ready for your kiddos to add color and personality!

Printable paper doll templates to color…

These dolls print in black and white.  It’s economical and allows for your kids to add their own dash of creativity as they design the clothes and the dolls.

I suggest printing on card stock if you have it available.  It’s a bit heaver and will give your paper dolls and their clothes a bit of stability as your young artists make and play with them. As always- use what you have!

printable paper doll templates- boy and girl dolls to color

Color first, cut later….

Add color in whatever way you like.  Markers or crayons are quick and easy suggestions. But watercolor paints, collage, or tissue paper could be also be fun options.  If you leave the options wide open your kids will be sure to have the best suggestions!

One important tip- be sure to have your kids color their shapes before anything is cut out.  It’s much easier for little hands to color when they don’t have to worry about their marker or crayon going off and on the paper.  It’s hard and distracts from the fun of coloring!

Color first and then anything outside the lines gets cut clean off as the clothes get cut out!

color your own paper doll templates- boy and girl dolls to color

Cut your paper doll templates out…

These paper dolls do have lots of little parts to cut out and around.  If your kiddos have the scissor skills to cut these out themselves – that’s amazing! If this level of detail is frustrating to them they may need some help cutting these doll shapes out. Or you could even try taking turns cutting!

Hint….you will need to cut the line where the girl’s hair meets her shoulder.  This will actually help hold the clothes on as the “tab” will be held easily in slit.  DO the same with the line where the arms attach to the body. Cut all the way up to the armpit area to make room for the shirt tabs.

Once your paper doll shapes are cut out they’re ready to play!  I hope your kiddos have at least as much fun playing with their printable paper dolls as they did making them!

free printable paper dolls with clothes and accesories

Using the tabs on paper doll templates…

These paper doll templates have tabs on the side that fold over the doll itself and hold the clothes on.  I’m not going to lie- these can be tedious.  Clothes shift and move easily because there is no adhesive involved.  I included the traditional tabs on these clothes because they remind of the paper dolls I played with when I was little.

A less frustrating option might be a reposition-able glue stick or even a touch of sticky putty.  As clothes get cut out cut those fold over tabs right off. Use whatever adhesive you choose to layer clothes on your doll.

printable paper dolls and accessories for boy or girl

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free printable paper doll templates to color- boy paper doll and girl paper doll

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